Who’s your War Daddy?

  • When:05/31/14
  • QIC: Baracus / Hops
  • The PAX: Mighty Mite, Radar, Splinter, Hairball, Gummy, Boomer Sooner, Baracus (QIC), Hops (QIC & WD)

Who’s your War Daddy?

The VSF was firmly planted and eight men of Area 51 shook off the light rain to give an hour of their best effort to Day Zero for a full body workout.  YHC was not sorry to feel the refreshing, cool rain instead of the muggy, still air.

1st half – Baracus Q (upper body focus)

Mobile COP – Jog around Splinter’s car to until he is good and ready to join us and head down to the track.

  • Butt-kicks to first corner
  • SSH x25
  • High-knees to second corner
  • IW x20
  • Karaoke to third corner
  • Mountain climbers x20

Run to playground

  • 50 pull-ups and 100 tricep dips (audible to 40 and 80 – this is taking forever!)

Mosey to field

The Beast – 6 sets of 6 exercises, with 6 reps per set, and about 25-35 yards of running in between sets.

  • Wide-arm merkins
  • Regular merkins
  • Diamond merkins
  • Military (tricep)
  • CDD
  • Burpee

2nd half – Hops Q (lower body focus)

Mosey up to school

  • People’s Chair w/20 overhead presses

Jog to road and partner up for Catch Me if You Can around Touchstone Shopping Center block, stopping at each corner to change the exercises:

  • Regular run – 5 jump squats
  • Lunge Walk – 10 Merkins
  • Backwards run – 10 LBCs
  • Plankorama mixed in

A couple of sprints at the Touchstone Shopping Center exit:

  • AYG sprint – 100 yds
  • AYG Backwards run – 100 ids

Jog back to school

  • People’s Chair
  • BTW x 3

Jog to pitch for MoM

  • Knee up x 10
  • CCV x 13
  • High slow flutter x 13
  • Makthar Ndjiaye x 13
  • Elbow plank

Mosey to hill by lot

  • Backwards bearcrawl up
  • Bearcrawl down

Naked Moleskin:

  • It was nice to have a cool morning for the workout.  The rain was a nice change from the ridiculous humidity of the past few days.  Still had to wring out our shirts at the end of the workout, but at least this time some of it was just due to the rain.
  • Radar really liked YHC’s shorts this morning.  He liked the shorter length, and I think we can expect him to be sporting the same style very soon so he can show off those alabaster legs.  He told me he doesn’t even have to use sunscreen…sunlight literally just bounces off.
  • Baracus did his best Skywalker impression during the Catch Me if You Can session.  Running backwards can be hazardous to your health, and anyone else on the ground doing LBCs, in this case it was Splinter who almost had 175 lbs of Bad Attitude on top of him.  Fortunately I was able to catch myself before falling and no trips to the ER were necessary.
  • Congratulations Hops on your first workout as War Daddy!  Turns out you and I as today’s Qs were also the two oldest!  You narrowly edged me out by just a few weeks/months.
  • Nice job out there men!  As always it was an honor for Hops and I to lead you and we are grateful for the opportunity.


  • June 7th – third installment of KB clinic with Byron
  • June 14th – CSAUP Olympics, F3 Dads
  • Be on the lookout for fall Mud Run signups

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10 years ago

Good stuff today. I’m old but thankful I can still somewhat keep up with the hate-hates. Backwards run = wheelhouse

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Nice Q fellas. I was glad I made the 0.2 mile drive this morning…until Splinter’s swimsuit calendar shoot during Mary.

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I am not a whippersnapper.

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