Very nearly the Boston Tea Party

  • When:05/30/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Header (KB), Alf, Simba, Harley, Blue Hen, Haggis, Swiss Miss, Bulldog (KB), Pudding Pop, Steinburner, Risky Business, Turkey Leg, Flutie Flakes, Spielberg, Uncle Leo

Very nearly the Boston Tea Party

The sounds of Barry White echoed through the CDS parking lot as 13 pax intruded on an intimate one on one KB session held by YHC and Header. Numbers were expected to light due to the F3 Golf festivities so it was surprising to see Pudding Pop, Alf, and Blue Hen avoid the lure of the fartsack after the shenanigans at Olde Sycamore the day prior.


SSH x 10
IW x 10
Merkin 5 second hold up to 8 count
Squats x 10
Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey to creek and grab rock. Curl it til everyone reappears and jog to lot.

Stagger rock merkins x 8 each side in cadence
Tricep extensions x 10
Rock Webb – curls and push presses to 8

Partner up – partner one sprints to steps high knees up stairs and runs through gate and back to partner. Partner two performs said exercise with rock until partner returns. Repeat twice.

Exercise 1 – squat, curl, press
Exercise 2 – squat, curl, press, tri extension

Mosey to playground. Split into 4 groups.
1) run to shed and back
2) tri dips on tables
3) donkey kicks with merkins
4) pull ups
Repeat twice

Sets of 11 combined with burpees and either donkey kicks/pull-ups
Flapjack – just kidding




There was very nearly a Steinburger-led Boston Tea Party mutiny at Kevlar today. The pax had dug down deep in every aspect and when YHC called for a flapjack on the 11’s at the playground the mumble chatter hit a crescendo! There was nothing left in the tank for many of us so thank goodness a lack of time meant moseying back to the lot instead for some COT.
Hats off to Risky Business for pushing through the pain barrier and also to Haggis for venturing out of the 28277 zip code! It took some humility for Alf to show his face today after taking home the dreaded shortest drive contest trophy last night with a monster -8 yard drive on number 12!
Pleasure leading you this morning fellas. Have a great weekend.


F3 Dads starts in two weeks at Colonel Beatty Park.
Compass starts new book study next week at CFA – Epic by John Eldridge.

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9 years ago

I wonder if Steinburner and Steinburger are related to Steinbrenner? #BigStein

9 years ago

Bulldog, your workouts are always tough and BB’s always funny, but Barry White? Best comment I have read in a BB. I was hurting at the end so I would have followed Stein”burger”s lead. Thanks Q.

Big Top
Big Top
Reply to  Simba
9 years ago


Reply to  Big Top
9 years ago

Good work today Big Top. You killed it. Way to sacrificially allow your wife to go running so you could Fartsack.

Big Top
Big Top
Reply to  Simba
9 years ago

That’s T, Tr Simba. Today was PT in the gloom.

Reply to  Big Top
9 years ago

Way to play the 3rd F. Worthy miss. #accountability #sanctification

9 years ago

I am not ashamed of the shortest drive. If you are going to win, win big. I had the previous shortest drive by 50 yards. Just happy they held us up at par on each hole.

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