It’s getting hot at the ‘Turn

  • When:05/29/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Frasier, Tiger Rag, Hops, Jamboree, Turkey Leg, Haggis, O'Tennenbaum, Prohibition, Mouth, Horsehead, Honey Bee, Thursten (FNG to DT), Wolfman, Stumphugger

It’s getting hot at the ‘Turn

There was a good group at Devil’s Turn this AM. The count gets a little hazy but there were between 12 and 14 PAX today that finished between 4 and 7.5 miles.

Stumphugger and Wolfman were on their own time schedule and ran an unsantioned route of unknown distance. Wolfman was allegedly still running at the time of COT. Very little is known in this regard. #flewundertheradar

Thursten also ran unknown distance as a second timer to F3 and an FNG to Devil’s Turn. #cobains are in order here since we started with him and did not end with him. (poor Q skill not keeping accountability on all the PAX). YHC got to warm up with him and he was a good runner. I hope we find him again in the gloom next week.

Prohibition kept up the streak for a 4th in a row, but several other regulars were missing. However, Jamboree, Haggis, Horsehead, were all present and accounted for as usual though.

The red pill today turned out to be pretty awful. The challenge was to go at “marathon” training pace out and back from the track and then run at “threshold” pace while on the track. This plan had YHC considering recycling merlot in the bushes just to make the pain stop. Even with this questionable advertisement, try working in some threshold pace into the DT run next week. It is not fun but it will pay off big time. Speaking of… Horsehead posted a PR on number of times around the track before heading back. Nice work!

In other news, Bratwurst did not randomly appear at any point during the workout. At the turn onto Strawberry Ln, YHC heard some rustling in the bushes and expected Brat’ to come running through the underbrush, but alas, no.

Until next week… 


– F3 Golf (taking place now)

– June 14th has been designated the official F3 holiday. Do the F3 Olympics in the morning and F3 Pool Party in the evening.

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Stump Hugger
10 years ago

We had to get the Big Bad Wolfman back before daylight. We saw the school and headed home.

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