• When:Monday June 2nd
  • QIC: TBD


We are going to be starting a new workout on Monday June 2nd . The focus will be on isolated strengthening of legs and flexibility/mobility.  This is perfect timing for BRR training and for those of us amongst the pax with injury problems due to flexibility. Let me know if you are interested in Qing this type of workout. 

Here is some more info 

Workout Name- FLEX 

Description: Flex is a recovery and mobility workout that will incorporate rehab/prehab movements such as stretching, foam rolling, balance work, stability balls, recovery bands ant the like. The goal is to address current sore spots and to work to prevent future ones. 

Location: Calvary 

Time/Day- 0530 on Mondays 

Duration- 45 minutes 

Other Items- Items you may want to bring: Mat, Stretching bands, Yoga Block, Foam Roller 


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Purple Haze
9 years ago

Radar: Thanks for taking the leadership on this. This workout is most definitely needed.

9 years ago

If the 5:15 start is an attempt to beat the daylight, then that’s probably a good call cause I’m gonna wear my leotard.

9 years ago

Mat & Yoga Block? What? This better work!

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