To the Four Corners of Carmel and 51

  • When:05/23/14
  • QIC: Jamboree
  • The PAX: Hannibal, Checkpoint, Philmont, Frehley’s Comet, Abacus, Udder, Teddy, Sunrise, Double D, Duval, Cane, Hops, Escargot, Madame Tussauds, Mermaid, Ribeye, Beacon, Purple Haze, Champagne, Jekyll, Jamboree, Brushback, Mighty Mite

To the Four Corners of Carmel and 51

Posted on behalf of Jamboree (aka Silent Assassin)

23 fine men (from all areas) sliced and diced through the early morning humidity and explored the four corners of Carmel and 51.

The Thang:

Mosey across 51 behind the Carmel Commons Shopping Center


10 Diamonds IC w/10 second hold 6 Inches

15 Flutters IC w/15 second hold 6 Inches

10 Stagger right IC w/10 second hold 6 in.

15 Dollies IC w/15 second hold 6 in.

10 Stagger left IC w/10 second hold 6 in.

15 Rosalitas IC w/15 second hold 6 in.

10 Makthar Ndiaye  IC w/10 second hold 6 in.

15 Freddy Mercury IC w/15 second hold 6 in.

10 Man maker Merkins IC w/10 second hold 6 in.

15 LBCs IC w/15 second hold 6 in.

Mosey to Ballantyne Hill to do 5s

4 Hand Release Burpees at bottom

1 Jump squat at top




50 yd. Backward run to speed bump

Mosey across Carmel around office buildings to soggy field

Partner up – size will eventually matter

P1 Backward run to hill (approx. 50 yd.), run forward up hill. Sprint back.

P2 Deep squats/Shoulder presses with cinder block or rock

Repeato 5 times

Mosey around another office building

Partner wheelbarrow to speed bump then switch to next speed bump

Partner carry to speed bump then switch to next speed bump

Backward run (approx. 50 yd.) through another office park toward 51

Cross 51

Backward run (approx. 50 yd.) to speed bump

Karaoke Right (approx. 50 yd.) to next speed bump

Karaoke Left to speed bump

Bunny Hop between two speed bumps

Mosey to Panera shopping center – Run the stair circuit X 1

Mosey back to the school; AYG back to the start


    Great work by the Pax this morning. YHC decided to arrive in the wee AM hours to scout out new territory and come up with an effective down painment to springboard everyone into the Memorial Day week-end. Based on initial feedback, I believe everyone left satisfied. Great to have several new faces (including a couple from south of the border) mixed in with the Centurion regulars. Also, great to see Ribeye who crosses over the DMZ line quite often (and is Qing Centurion next week).

     Hops was dusting everyone on all the backward runs. Checkpoint continues to defy his age. For him, age is definitely just a number. Abacus, Purple Haze, Mermaid, Cane and Champagne get extra credit for arriving early for the Champagne led  Kettlebell work. Philmont  plans to bring some birthday accessories (hats, etc) to the Day Zero Convergence tomorrow much to the chagrin of Purple Haze. Strong work by Hannibal this week – five hard workouts in a row. Mighty Mite apparently had a Merlot spillage after the AYG back home. Any additional Pax details are welcome below. YHC felt some camaraderie with Gideon (who was the topic in 3rd F The Stand) this morning as he led. As always, it was an honor to lead such great group of men.


Spearhead Memorial Ruck this weekend at 7:00 in the University Area, look for the announcement on If you can’t attend you can still contribute to the foundation set-up for the family.

Day Zero 1 Year Anniversary this Sat with The Rock and Olympus

Memorial Day Convergence at Symphony Park in South Park on Monday


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9 years ago

Excellent Work out there today Jamboree aka Silent Assassin. Reading Freed2Lead,which some of you may have heard about recently, you nailed it on the Q part. Total body workout for all, kept the six in it but keep it tough for the Beasts(The Mighty Mite’s & Checkpoint’s of the PAX). Great Mini Convergence of South,Metro and the Fort down @ Catholic today,Great. Escargot & Chelms have built a solid Friday beatdown. The PAX brings it every strong every week for the 1F & then the 2F flows naturally. Awesome Q Jamboree

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Ribeye
9 years ago

Great to see the beat downs continue while I attempt to become a world traveler (and fail like my burpees).

Ribeye – I will be back next week ready for an extra beat down as I owe some serious back painment after 10 days of R & R.

9 years ago

That was a downpainment my friend! Nice way to kick off the weekend. GPS logged it at 2.65 miles, but it felt like 8. Hill work continues to completely gas me. Early COP was killer. Great scouting for the expansion of the Centurion territory.


9 years ago

Strong Q Jamboree. The scout work was evident and change of scenery appreciated. That felt like 90 minutes rather than 45. Always enjoy a lot of movement.

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