Hang Time

  • When:05/23/14
  • QIC: Ray Guy
  • The PAX: Reggie Roby, Jeff Feagles, Danny White, Tom Tupa, Sean Landetta, Chris Gardocki, Sammy Baugh, Todd Sauerbrun, Steve Spurrier, Shane Lechler, Chris Kluwe, Matt Turk, Rick Tuten, Tom Landry, Dan Pastorini, Ken Walter

Hang Time

Eighteen rocket-legged pax, two junior footballs and a butterball turkey stormed the field for another installment of #FunFriday.  What it lacked in Fun it made up for in Friday.


Toss around TR 2.3’s under-inflated junior football in the well-lit parking lot where we find out that Uncle Leo is amphibious–he can throw equally poorly with the left of right.  Once Bananas arrived with the other Jr. football and a frictionless leather sphere with laces, we discussed how the disclaimer applies to throwing, and presumably catching, footballs at twilight.

Mosey to the far side of the track for a muted COP for SSH, IW, low slow squats, where Rivet either sets off a bag of Snap ‘n’ Pops in his pocket, eats a can of Pringles, or with virtually no cartilage in his lower extremities, grinds bone on bone.


Head to goal line for alternating sprints to the 20, 40, 40, 20, Goal.  Then run it back in reverse.  For those at DV on Wednesday, you’re just going to have to deal with that.

Agility Work:

  • Line up on 5 yard line facing home side.  Sprint to goal, out to 10 yd line, back to goal. Repeat facing away side.
  • Repeat set, moving to 15, 20 and 25.

Attempt QB and Receiver with some 10 yard outs, 20 yard outs and fly patterns but could never find the groove so that guys waiting weren’t standing around.  That, plus the #HairyEyeball from the crew setting up for what appeared to be a graduation ceremony had us move to the horseshoe for Mary.  Flutters, Dolly, then some supine work for the lower back that went entirely unappreciated.

Then back on the field to wrap up with a punting contest. Every pax punts a ball from the goal line and then everyone sprints out to get it and runs back.  Repeato until all have punted.  Longest punt wins.  If someone catches your punt, the punter does 20 burpees.  Reggie “Night Court” Roby takes the crown with a 52 yarder, narrowly outdistancing three Pax at 50 to 51 yards (TR, Good Hands, and…who?…someone who launched a #WormBurner about a foot off the ground, and skidded it a good 40 yards. Was that Stone Cold?).

In any event, good times to watch the various attempts and we’re glad to report that there were no injuries other than bruised egos.


You’d think it would be pretty simple to come up with 18 punters off the top of your head, but I had to go googling after about 10.  It was surprising (to me, at least) to see Spurrier and Danny White on the list (both backup QBs who punted to get on the field) as well as Tom Landry, who punted for the Giants back in the 1950s.

Another interesting fact: Dan Pastorini was the starting QB and punter for the Oilers in the 70s and ranks ahead of former Panther Ken Walter in both career passing yards (18,515 to 0) and career punting average (39.7 to 39.6).


  • Memorial Day Workout Schedules will vary by site.  Check your twitter and preblasts for info.  If in doubt, contact the Site Q.

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10 years ago

Great workout. I must be Rick “Tuten”.

10 years ago

Impressive list of punters. I think I remember Randall Cunningham as a QB that made a few punts as well.

10 years ago

No Brad Nortman yet a Todd Sauerbrun…disappointing.
Over/Under on torn groins: 3

10 years ago

Based on what I remember from this workout, some of the PAX would have enjoyed higher yardage on the punts had they launched them from their rears.

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