Skunkiversary 2.0 – Something Old, Something New

  • When:05/20/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Night Court, Tiger Rag, Stone Cold, Harley, Susudio, Header, Stagecoach, Bananas, Good Hands, Brown, Horsehead, Hairband, Busch, Bulldog, Runstopper, Steinbrenner, Simba, Bushwood, Joker, Geraldo, Puddin' Pop, Country Livin', Cottonmouth, Mallcop, Splinter, Fireman Ed, Swiss Miss, Crab Cake, Pretty Boy Quarterback, Hacker, missing some (cobains) -- please add in the comments

Skunkiversary 2.0 – Something Old, Something New

On the second anniversary of Skunkworks, thirty-eight men gathered in the gloom to get their exercise on. Given the anniversary and the growth of the PAX since the inaugural Skunk, YHC wanted to provide a taste of the original Skunk, mixed in with the Skunk 2.0 we’ve all come to fear and enjoy:


Warm Up / COP

  • SSX x25
  • IW x25


100 Burpees. 10 minute cap.

Split into 2 groups. Group 1 goes with Tiger Rag and Stone Cold to experience their amusement park of many toys (aka. Classic Skunk). Group 2 goes with YHC to hoist their kettlebells. Flapjack after 15 minutes with Harley coming in as relief Q for the kettlebell portion.

Classic Skunk — Stations set up around high school parking lot as follows:

  • Hairburners
  • Tireburners (what’s worse than a hairburner? Hairburners with tires)
  • Battle Rope
  • Tractor-tire drag
  • Tractor-tire pull
  • Tractor-tire flip
  • Tire throw
  • Bucket o’ Sand Farmer’s Carry
  • Sledgehammer-Tire Strike (good release of aggression)
  • Jump Box
  • Balance-beam Merkin (stability targeted)
  • Medicine ball Merkins (stability targeted)
  • Jump Rope
  • Barbell curls
  • Weight plate under heel hamstring curls (lay on back and excruciate yourself)

Skunk 2.0 – Kettlebell ladder-sprint combine in track infield

  • 10 swings, sprint the track
  • 10 swings, 10 teabag squats, sprint the track
  • 10 swings, 10 teabag squats, 5 shoulder presses (each arm), sprint the track
  • 10 swings, 10 teabag squats, 5 shoulder presses (each arm), 10 good mornings, sprint the track
  • 10 swings, 10 teabag squats, 10 good mornings, sprint the track
  • 10 swings, 10 teabag squats, sprint the track


COP – All PAX rejoin and Flutter x45, hold ‘em



–          Nice crowd this morning. Folks seemed to be in a festive mood, especially when they saw the toys lined up in the parking lot. Nice witty banter during SSH and IW. Banter ceased as the PAX were punched in the throat with the call for 100 burpees. YHC heard a couple “is he serious?” remarks, which I ignored as I got to it. Nice work by all on the burpees as most seemed to finish in time.

–          Apologies on deleting the attendance list. Probably something to do with shakey-fingers and O2 deprivation, but I remember looking at my phone, seeing that I had properly recorded the name-o-rama, then promptly deleting it. Not sure what I was thinking…

–          Given the work it took Tiger Rag and Stone Cold to load their vehicles at home and arrive early to set-up the amusement park, it’s no wonder that Skunk has moved on to utilize the kettlebell rather than “everything and the kitchen sink.” Still though, once in a while it’s fun to bring out the implements and experiment a little.

–          Thanks to Tiger Rag and Stone Cold for inventing Skunkworks. For many, it remains the highlight workout of the week. Thanks to Harley as well for keeping the tradition going into its third year. Every week this site is guaranteed to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, beatdowns one can experience in South Charlotte. Thanks to Harley for allowing me to lead this week – it was an honor and a privilege – and to Tiger Rag, Stone Cold and Harley for the assist.

–          Finally, a little history lesson for the 2nd generation Skunks. This workout is so old Donkey Kong was still Heinz in the early BBs…

o   Original BB:

o   1 year BB:


–          3rd F Aftermath – Wednesday mornings with Busch. Starting a new book this week: Blue Like Jazz.

–          CSAUP Olympics coming 6/14

–          Area51 Summer Kick-off Party also coming 6/14


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Hair Band
9 years ago

Great co-Q this morning YL,TR,SC & Harley! Loved having the toys out there since it’s been less than a year in F3 for me I didn’t know that is how Skunk started. (Always good stuff when Bulldog pulls that out for Kevlar.)

Did TR somehow work in the garbage truck into the beatdown while we were in the KB circle?

I did not realize hairburners were an original from day one. Hairburners and hairbands should not be close to each other.

Swiss Miss
9 years ago

Great beatdown, YL and co-Qs. Loved the “classic” but seemed to get short changed. Reco for 3rd Skunkiversary: full hour.

9 years ago

Man that was fun! Thank you sir may I have another! Great Q Young Love and many thanks to Tiger Rag and Stone Cold for setting up the abusement park!

9 years ago

great workout this morning… but TR failed to bring the slosh pipe V2.0… and Stone Cold left the shake weights at home…

9 years ago

Great job, Skunkiversary brings out the best toys. A trip down memory (burpee) lane.

9 years ago

Strong Q YL. The beatdown lived up to the threats.

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