Wake up, it’s Monday

  • When:05/19/14
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Passport, Fireman Ed, Spinner, Gummy, Steinbrener, Hopper, Robinhood, Simba, Pele, Big Top, Slim Fast, Bel Air (FNG - Phillip P.), Relo, Chunk (FNG - Charlie), Buschwood, Bing, Hard Drive (Fort), Ralphie, Sprout (FNG - Josh J.), Stagecoach

Wake up, it’s Monday

Twenty guys welcomed the week with a good old fashioned boot camp workout. The VSF was planted and off we went. Start with a little baby jog around the parking lot. Stop for some penalty burpees for Robinhood being late. Throw in some high knees, butt kicks, backwards run and karaoke.


  • SSH x 21
  • IW x 21
  • Mountain Climbers x 21
  • Plank walk left/right
  • LBC’s x 22

Jog down to the baseball bleachers.


  • Pull ups x 15
  • CDD x 15
  • LBC x 20
  • 3 sets of each

Partner up for leg circuit:

P1 – perform called exercise

P2 – run 1 lap around bases

  • Round 1:  Side step ups R
  • Round 2:  Side step ups L
  • Round 3:  Butt raises R (lay down and 1 foot on beach and other foot in air, raise and lower hips/rear)
  • Round 4:  Butt raises L
  • Plank-o-rama/Squats/Deck squats while waiting for pax to finish

Upper body circuit on bleachers:

  • Round 1:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 15 each
  • Round 2:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 10 each
  • Round 3:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 5 each

Mosey up to the concessions for people’s chair. Mix in some wall planks and wall mountain climbers.

Head over to the parking lot.

Triple Nickel:

  • Run across parking lot
  • 5 jump squats
  • Run back
  • 5 hand release merkins
  • Do this 5 times

3 MOM:

  • Flutters x 20
  • Dolliy x 20
  • 1 legged flutters x 15 R/L



  • I think it’s May. You wouldn’t know it’s almost summer by the 50 degree temperature this morning. In a couple months, we’ll be begging for cooler weather.
  • YHC is not a BC usual, so I wasn’t sure how many guys to expect this morning. It was great to see 20 guys out there working hard. It was awesome to see 3 new guys today too. Hope I didn’t scare you away with the wall planks.
  • The mumble chatter and BS calls ramped up during the plank walks and wall planks.
  • Gummy, Spinner, Hopper, Simba were all flying on the runs.
  • Sound off in the comments if you have any other amusing things to share.


  • Check the website for 3rd F workouts.
  • Peak 51 is a new moderate intensity workout held on Thursdays at Matthews Elementary School.
  • F3 golf – sign up! You’re running out of time if you haven’t signed up yet.
  • Young Life mud run to be held September 20. See Robinhood for details.
  • F3 Dads – Will begin 6/14 and run each Saturday the whole summer. Contact Header for more info or if you’re interested in helping out.

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9 years ago

Stage coach, great Q. Looking back it was really fun workout. Great crew today pushing each other.
-Fireman Ed smoked Hopper, Gummy and me on the run to the right foul pole.
-passport is always speedy on the sidewalk. #bobandweave
-Prince became Bel Aire, narrowly escaping “Jiggy”
-Jolly almost got Green Giant but made a wrong turn and ended up with Sprout #BigTopstrikesagain
-We were at a loss with what to do with Charlie, but when he said his favorite movie growing up was Goonies, chunk was the winner #workthattruffleshuffle

9 years ago

Great Q Stage Coach! I liked the baseball field sprints!

Simba is right…..I also thought we had a three man race going along with Gummy, but Fireman Ed came out of nowhere and dusted us. Impressive, FE!

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