Climbing Ladders At Olympus

  • When:05/17/14
  • QIC: Gullah & Big League Chew
  • The PAX: Yankee, Wolfman, Horsehead, SouthPaw (2.0), Boondock (2.0), Gullah, Big League Chew

Climbing Ladders At Olympus

7 Pax, most of whom had just completed Byron’s KB 101 session, showed up at Olympus for an additional hour of Kettle Bell enjoyment. Here’s what went down.

Gullah on Q


SSH x 20, Two-Handed KB swings x 10 IC, Sumo Squats x 10 IC, KB Push Press x 10 each arm

Line up at track field:

Ladder sequence 1

KB clean & press x 10 each arm, sprint across field, 10 burpees, sprint back, KB clean & press x 9 each arm, sprint across field, 9 burpees. Keep performing rotation until 5 reps of each exercise  completed. YHC had planned on going down to 1 rep of each, but had to audible at 5 due to time.

Ladder sequence 2

KB Goblet Squat x 10, sprint across field, 10 LBC’s, sprint back, KB Goblet Squat x 9, sprint across field, 9 LBC’s, sprint back. Keep performing rotation until 5 reps of each exercise completed.

35 minutes in the books  = smoked Pax, hand off to Big League Chew

Big League Chew on Q

Head over to the basketball court, line up and face BLC:

20 KB swings

Roman One-Legged Dead Lifts x 10R/x10L

Tricep Extension x 20

Run across court to grassy area for 50 LBC’s then continue running on sidewalk around school entrance and back to basketball court.

20 Goblet Squats

20 Hip to Shoulder Curls(x10 right/x10 left)

Run across court to grassy area for 20 flutters, then continue running on sidewalk around school entrance and back to basketball court.

20 KB lateral drags(x10 right/x10 left) this was a Pax pleaser.

20 Snatches (x10 right/x10 left)

Russian Twist x 20

Karaoke to 2nd goal and back

20 Presses (x10 right/x10 left)

KB Goblet Jacks x 10

Halo x 10 clockwise/x 10 counter clockwise

20 two-handed KB swings

Sprint across parking lot to playground for 20 pull ups/sprint back to basketball court

1 minute of swings and that’s a wrap.


Great work out there today men. The 2.0’s especially put in some good work and hung in there through a tough workout.  That was a great routine that kept the heart rate up continuously through a good mix of cardio and strength conditioning.   Note to self to make sure to keep a good distance from Wolfman during workouts as he likes to let the flatulence flow freely at times. It was good having Horsehead and Boondock with of us from Outland. Yankee killed it as he usually does and led the Pax throughout and BLC was a beast as usual.


F3 Dads starting in June, stay tuned for details

Area51 pool party June 14 at Chadwyck pool-you should have received the evite.

Many opportunities for 3rd F so try and make one when possible.

This wasn’t mentioned, but a prayer request. We learned during the brew ruck on Saturday that a man was hit by a car and killed while participating in a GoRuck event in Syracuse, NY Saturday morning. He had three young children so please remember his wife and children that he leaves behind.

Thank for the strong send off by Horsehead

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead a great group of guys and young men


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10 years ago

Thanks for having me at Olympus. The KB Double Down was good times.

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Glad we had some representation from Outland there as I was beating my 5k time out at Reedy Creek Mountain, er, Park.

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