The many faces of Jack Webb

  • When:05/13/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: If you can't move your upper body you were there!

The many faces of Jack Webb

The Skunk Works faithful showed up in force today and were met with the man faces of Jack Webb with a KB twist.


IW x 15
2 handed swings x 15
Peter Parker’s x 15
Parker Peter’s x 15
1 handed alternating swings x 20
Jack Webb KB style # 1 (1 press and 2 KB curls up to 8)
Mosey to lower lot for stations
Station 1 – run lap of parking lot
Station 2 – decline merkins on two KB handles
Station 3 – burpee jump ups on bench
Station 4 – KB deck squats
Station 1 – run lap of parking lot
Station 2 – lawn mowers
Station 3 – burpee incline bench press and jump ups on bench
Station 4 – KB deck squats
Partner up
Catch me if you can with 10 diamond merkins partner running backwards to flag pole with KB’s.
Jack Webb KB style # 2 (1 burpee and 2 UR rows up to 8)
Jack Webb KB style # 3 (1 Louganis and 2 twists up to 8)
Harley on Q – 20 burpees for any pax not pitching in for F3 golf outing.

We all know that Runstopper loves his Jack Webb workout. It’s a good one for the local news cameras and it sounds tough when its done right with all the pax shouting in cadence. So YHC thought we might as well do it three times in our 45 minute workout – each with a little flavor of its own. After the first round though I was second guessing whether number 2 and number 3 was a little ambitious!
Great work by all today. Didnt hear a lot of mumble chatter even from Brown who posted after a 7 day hiatus! Busch killed it with the 50 pounder and Coleslaw was also hanging tough the whole way through. Hats off to Bugeater, Splinter, and Stone Cold for the double down today. Thanks to Country Livin’ for taking us out in prayer.

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10 years ago

Crazy work out Bull Dog. My shoulders are smoked

Hair Band
10 years ago

Starting to feel a little soreness starting. Solid beatdown & great Q Bulldog!

I stayed on my feet during the run this time also so I got that going for me.

10 years ago

Hate that I missed this Bulldog, sounds like it was a good one! I’m on a short term IR but am shooting for a return next week and looking forward to a homecoming beatdown!

10 years ago

Site FNG at Skunk this week:
-Good crew, with some seriously strong guys in the mix.
-Bulldog made it tough but fun.
-Coleslaw totally carried us in the back pedal catch me if you can, when I got up I could barely see him. #stillgotsbasketballspeed
-my arms are not working properly today.

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