The Scalded Monkey

  • When:5/10/2014
  • QIC: Double E and Horsehead
  • The PAX: Counter Top, Double E (QIC), Horse Head (QIC), Drop Thrill, Glass Joe, The Late Show, Milton, BoonDock (2.0), Shoeless Joe Jackson (2.0), Stacks (2.0), Book Mark (AJ Herrin 2.0 FNG), Aragorn (Slider 2.0 - Milton’s son), Donut Hole (Jonathan Duncan FNG)

The Scalded Monkey

13 Energized PAX arrived at the Outland Zoo with the crisp smell of morning pain in the air. The 2.0’s were energized and ready to partake F3 style! Enough chatter gents, it’s 7:02… let’s move:


Double E on Q


Long jog to PSF.

25 x SSH IC
25 x IW IC
10 x Burpees OYO
25 x Low Slow Squat to Bomb Jack IC
15 x Knees Slaps (High Knee in place Jog) IC
10 x Burpees OYO

Begin Mosey to Elementary School Playground Indian Run
Half Way there Plank-O-Rama
Continue run – 50 Yard Lunge Walk to PainStation Playground

DJ. AM RAP (Is that the outfit pic CT?) now flippin the script on the reps of the wiggity jiggity biggity F-
thrigity!! YEAH BOY!!!

Partner UP Fellas:

4 Rounds of 90 Seconds each partner AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) – IS 90 SECONDS TOO LONG HH??

Exercise 1: P1 – Diamond Merkins P2 – LSS
Exercise 2: P1 – Bomb Jacks P2 – Pull-Ups
Exercise 3: P1 – 2 feet Wall Jump Overs P2 – Incline CDD
Exercise 4: P1 – LBC P2 – Burpees

Handoff Q to HH, The Monkey Master!


Get everyone nice and smoked with 30 mins of exercises and then do an all out down and back timed mile.

1 MILE – GOAL 6 MINUES – GO… . . .

The FNG Donut Hole came out of the gate strong and held the lead for most of the race, but Double E pulled out a photo finish victory after a little hecking on the backstretch by Horsehead, who came in a slightly distant third.

Catch your breath gents and….. Let’s run more. How about some suicides!

At parking lot, use 7 trees about 15 yards apart – sprint to tree alternating exercises at each tree sprint back

Exercises – 5 x Merkins, 5 x Jump Squats, 5 x LBC
Plank until all PAX complete.
No man left behind run back to PSF for Mary
40 x Dollies IC
50 x LBC’s
Take a Deep Breath, workout complete!


First, WHAT THE ??? YHC arrives to the zoo @ F3 Outland to be greeted by CT wearing WHAT (see pic)?? I can only remember hearing him say, “I WAS WAITING FOR ZIP”. I will let him explain should he choose to do so in the comments below! And Great work by all this morning in the gloom! It was good to see all of the 2.0’s… ummm… being 2.0’s! It adds that fun quality that is sometimes suppressed by the older PAX. This is painful fun for all! T-claps to Donut Hole (FNG), who will be a great addition to F3 and to DT for EH’ing DH to the Outland! AHHH….. 90 seconds proved to be the game winner on draining the PAX and everyone sucking some serious O2 at the Playground Painstation! Not sure there were any PR’s after the mile run, but the times were very respectable, none the less, by all PAX. I feel sure this will not be the only time we see the Scalded Monkey and many variations of it!! HB was not present to object.



– New Moderate F3 workout for Beginners & intermediates coming somewhere Thurs Mornings – Details needed here

– Outland F2 new meeting location, McDonalds($1 coffee)

– F3 Golf Tournament – May 29… check website

– Continued Prayers for Coy – – 5 year old boy that just had surgery to remove a cancerous Brain Tumor in Pittsburgh. Nonforgettable experience working alongside F3 men and strangers to build a 6’ privacy fence – approx. 500ft. – for this family in a single day. Continue to pray for a speedy recovery until Little Coy and his family can finally come home.

Always a pleasure reshaping life with the men of F3!


Horsehead on behalf of Double E

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Drop Thrill
10 years ago

We ran, we ran so far…

Hair Band had his last soccer game I think for the season to attend.

I know Hair Band was so sad to miss all the running.

Sorry I can’t run with the Pax, but maybe one day I will be able to.

Wish me luck with my second 5k Saturday, I’m being a bit bold but I want to kill my last time by 10 minutes.

Did my heart good to see Donut Hole smoke the vets. 🙂
See you guys in 2 weeks.

Hair Band
10 years ago

Yep, last soccer game for Belly Flop and a bunch of other things going on.

In getting ready for a 5k I did take time to run and here is the crazy thing, I did 2 miles and felt good, like I could have done more!

I am trying to figure out why that was the case but too many variables. New insoles to help my shin splint, slept in so more rest, ate something which fueled my body, didn’t do burpees and all the other crazy stuff we do so had more energy? Could have been any or all of that.

I think I am glad I missed the Scalding Monkey though. I am also glad I missed CT’s new uniform, not sure what to think about that!

Hair Band
10 years ago

Oh, as far as the new moderate workout on Thursdays that is probably Peak 51 that meets at Matthews Elementary School. It started a week or 2 ago.

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

I know I can run without problems when not having to stop and do stations. Course I’m a slow turtle, but I’m running. It’s much harder for me to run and stop and do something cardio and then run again than just simply running.

Double E
10 years ago

DT, you are doing great Brother! Keep on posting and you will just keep getting faster and faster. Many of the exercises we do will also strengthen your legs to perform even better! HB, 6 min miles at your 5K this weekend! You are the ambassador for F3Outland. Make us proud!

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Double E check Twitter, just linked a picture to you, you might enjoy.

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