That whole 18th amendment sure was a bad idea!

  • When:05/12/14
  • QIC: Prohibition
  • The PAX: Alf, Lobster Roll, Fish Taco, Uncle Leo, MmmBop, Horsehead, O'Tannenbaum, Pom Pom (FNG), Spandex, Liquorcicle, Clowncar, Coal Miner's Daughter, Young Love, Coleslaw, Oswald, Prohibition (Q)

That whole 18th amendment sure was a bad idea!

16 men stepped up to witness the first attempt at Qing for YHC.  I figured what better way to lead my first workout than to build off of my F3 name.


The Thang:

A friendly warm up jaunt along McKee in front of the school and past the track back around to the parking lot.

COP: In honor of the creation of Prohibition with the ratification of the 18th amendment, all COP exercises done in 18 reps.

– SSH x 18

– Merkin x 18

– IW x 18

– Peter Parker x 18

– Low Slow Squat x 18


Mosey to the track and take a lap. Partner up as we run.

As explained, Prohibition was a bad idea…so was the invention of the Burpee.

-10 burpees OYO

– Partner 1 does 20 full situps while Partner 2 planks holding your feet. Flapjack

– 25 Hand Slap merkins

– Prairie Fire Mary to 10. Flapjack

– P1 does 20 derkins with feet on P2’s back while planking. Flapjack.

– P1 does LBCs while P2 runs 2 laps around the (short) track. Flapjack.

– P1 does jump squats while P2 runs 2 laps around the track. Flapjack.

– P1 does Burpees while P2 runs 1 lap around the track. Flapjack.


Mosey to the wall for some people’s chair.  Prohibition lasted 14 years…sitting on the wall can feel like that too.

– Round 1: 2 minutes on the wall. Half way through drop your butts an inch and put your hands straight out.

– 20 LBCs OYO

– Round 2: 2 minutes on the wall. Half way through drop your butts an inch and do some air presses in cadence (31 I believe)

– 20 Derkins with feet on the wall

– Round 3: 1 minute on the wall. Heels off the ground.


Mosey to Playground for some circuit work.

– Round 1: 10 pullups, 20 divebombers, 30 dips

– Round 2: 10 pullups, 20 incline merkins, 30 dips

– Round 3: 10 pullups, 20 derkins, 30 dips


Mosey back to the cars and circle up for one last exercise. Prohibition ended in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st amendment.

– 21 LBCs in cadence (ran out of time for additional Mary, but I figured everyone could do the rest at home!)




– Thank you all for coming out for my very first Q.  I hope it wasn’t too easy for anyone.  There wasn’t much mumblechatter going on, so I’m hoping that means the PAX had some O2 deprivation towards the end.  Also, thank you to Young Love for taking us out today as well as for volunteering me to be a Q.  Sometimes everyone needs a little push, and I greatly appreciate it.

– Shout out to Coleslaw who picked a bad day to come to a workout that involved laying on your back (or leaning against a wall) quite often.  He was suffering through some sun burn from a weekend at the beach.

– Another shout out to O’Tannenbaum for showing up at 5:25.  I looked at my watch thinking I was already late getting this party started.

– I don’t know if anyone was too thrilled with my choice of a 3rd round of people’s chair.  The legs were definitely shaking for that last one!

– Props to MmmBop for getting his brother to come out today.  Our newest FNG – Pom Pom – is definitely a strong addition to the F3 brotherhood.  Thanks for coming out and hope to see you back out there in the gloom.

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10 years ago

Loved the fact that nobody could come up with, or would admit to knowing, a 2nd Hanson song for naming MMMBops brother. #onehitwonder

Young Love
Reply to  Horsehead
10 years ago

Classic sellout by the older brother (MMMBop) of the younger (Pom Pom) — “So, why don’t you tell them what you do for a living…”

10 years ago

A somewhat thematic discovery is that in 2013 the Hanson brothers released their own line of beer. Mmmhops. This is not a joke.

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