That’s The Largest Baton I’ve Ever Seen In A Relay Race!

  • When:05/10/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Yankee, Louis, Hacker, Byron, Big League Chew, The Hoff (QIC)

That’s The Largest Baton I’ve Ever Seen In A Relay Race!

Today, we shook things up a bit and got attacked by an army of ants while doing a relay race with Logs and Kettle Bells…yes, that’s right… 2 heavy logs were used as Batons today at Olympus.

The Thang:

Warm Up:

Kettle Bell Indian Run

– 35Lbs KB starts in the back

– Last Pax picks up bell and sprints to the front of the line, then drops bell

– As Pax pass the bell, last man picks up KB and sprints to the front

– x 2 Laps

Arm Rotations Forward (In Cadence) x 20

Arm Rotations Reverse (In Cadence) x 20

Arm Arises (In Cadence) x 30

Logs and KB Relay Race

– 2 Teams of 3; 1 person from each team stand at cones

– 3 Cones spread out evenly around the track

– First Teammate on each team leaves KB and Shoulders Heavy Log

– First group sprints to the second group in Relay Race Format handing off Logs to next group

– Second group sprints to the third group, passes logs and third group sprints to the starting point on track.

– PAX perform continuous called KB Exercise the entire time (with the exception of when running with log of course)

– Losing Team has to pay 5 Burpee Penalty each round

Round 1: Kettle Bell Swings

Round 2: Figure 8’s

Round 3: Goblet Squat Thrusts with KB Press

Round 4: Kettle Bell Swings

Round 5: Figure 8’s

Round 6: Goblet Squat Thrusts with KB Press

Results: Team 1 wins 5 / Team 2 wins 1

COP: Target 500 reps

– Each Pax takes turns calling out exercises in cadence

– Goal is to reach 500 reps within remaining time

– YHC can alter exercise if it doesn’t make sense (from a Muscle progression standpoint)


Hacker: Tricep Extensions x 30

BLC: KB Swings x 100

Louis: Bent Over Rows x 50

Byron: Single Arm Swings x 40

The Hoff: Monkey Humpers x 100

Yankee: Renegade Rows x 50

Hacker: Goblet Squats x 20

BLC: Upright Right Rows x 30

Louis: Goblet Squats x 20

Byron: Louganis x 10; Single Arm Snatch x 20;

The Hoff: Bicep Curls (with Negatives) x 20; Merkins x 10




The work keeps getting harder and harder at Olympus.  The log runs were devastating to the cardio for sure.  T-Claps to EVERYONE in the group today, and Triple claps to those who went and helped with the Fallen Tree in Matthews.  After this workout moving logs and debris from that massive tree will have us wrecked for the weekend for sure (BLC, Clueless,Byron and The Hoff – TY).

Extra shot out to Louis who also had big physical demands afterwards as he was signed up to teach martial arts and run a workout for 3 groups #bruceleestyle.

Next time, no ants!

Sorry for the short Moleskin as we have a lot to do today.  Again, thank you for posting at our site and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to workout with such amazing individuals.

Respectfully – The Hoff

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Big League Chew
Big League Chew
9 years ago

OL converging with Olympus or is Olympus supposed to go down there next saturday
? Great Q and those batons were ridiculous! First time I got beatdown from ants. Tclaps to Run Stopper, Slim-fast, Bryon, Clue Less, and the Hoff for tree removal!

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