• When:05/16/14
  • QIC: Haggis
  • The PAX: Philmont, Rolling Rock, Peaches, Spinner, Mic Check, Honey Bee (swift), Bratwurst (swift), Market Timer, Blackbeard, Caveman, Madame Tousseax (swift), Dirty Diana (swift), Puppy Love, Garbage plate, Morning After, Mr Bean, Cane, Housekeeping, Mermaid, Wingman, Chipotle, Frehleys Comet, Lugi, Abba, Pinkman, Escargot, Haggis


27 showed up for the Bagpipe / Swift combo.  4 peeled off for Swift, the rest stayed with bagpipe and got a good kicking.

The Thang

Mosey to Wells Fargo for disclaimer and warm up: Plank, 30 Side Straddle Hop, 25 Mountain Climber, 20 Imperial Walker.

Mosey to parking lot for Merkin Countdown. 10 merkins, 5 seconds plank, 9 merkins, 5 seconds plank…. 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Finish with 10 merkins on your own.

Mosey to Loch Ness wall. 12 slow durkins, 12 slow dips, 15 jump ups. Jog around lake.  Repeato.

Mosey to bottom of Dunreggan Brae (the hill up to the bridge over 521). 5 burpees in a 6-count cadence. Sprint to top of hill.  Plank, then 20 squats.  Back to bottom of hill.  Repeato with 10 burpees.

Mosey back to Loch Ness. Merkin Mary Madness.  2 merkins, 20 flutter, 4 merkins, 20 dolly, 6 merkins, 20 heels to heavens, 8 merkins, 20 rosalitas, 10 merkins, 20 right side raise, 8 merkins, 20 left side raise, 6 merkins, 20 little baby crunch, 4 merkins, 10 bicycles, 2 merkins, 10 slow bicycles.

Mosey back to Vine for COT.


– Chipotle 1 year anniversary today.  Yeah Chippy!

– Madame Tussaud maiden Q tomorrow at the Maul.  Frehley was poking the bear so we will see what happens.

– Swift starts at 5:15am with a warm up run, then circles back to the Vine for a 5:30 start.

– That’s it.  Great workout.

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9 years ago

Actually, it was Spinner at Swift. But I see what you were doing there, suggesting Dirty Diana to give Swift a try, right?

9 years ago

Hydra 1-year anniversary workout.
Launch Colony Place Harris Teeter roundabout at 0520 sharp.

I told Morning After I would put this up, it is a different launch point and time.


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