1.5 Miles of Suicides And 1,560 Reps Today At Olympus

  • When:05/03/14
  • QIC: Lab Rat and The Hoff
  • The PAX: Big League Chew, Mr. Hanky, Hacker, Gullah, Lab Rat (Q), The Hoff (Q)

1.5 Miles of Suicides And 1,560 Reps Today At Olympus

6 Men posted for a smoke-fest today at Olympus.  If you haven’t tried out this site, come give it a shot.  The cardio and strength training was off the charts!

Lab Rat and Hoff Alternated Q and Cadence for an hour

The Thang:

Warm Up (In Cadence…meaning 1,2,3,1 counts so we did double the actual reps in what is listed below for the Warm Up)

SSH x 20

IW (with a Jump at the end of each) x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Windmills x 20

Pendulum Plank x 20

KB Goblet Squats x 20

Shoulder Rotations Forward x 20

Shoulder Rotations Backward x 20

KB Good Mornings x 20

Stagger Merkin Right x 15

Stagger Merkin Left x 15

KB HIGH Figure 8’s x 20

 Total WARM UP Reps in Cadence: 230 Cadence Reps/ 320 Actual Reps (Not counted in the 1,050)

Partner Up for 1 Mile Suicides in between Reps

– P1 – Performs Exercises; P2 – Suicides 10, 15, 20 yards (70 yards sprint total each run)

– Reps are accumulative.  Each Round team needs to get to 100 Reps

1) KB One-Handed Swings Right x 100

2) KB One-Handed Swings Left x 100

3) KB Two Handed Swings x 100

4) KB Clean Right Hand x 100

5) KB Clean Left Hand x 100

6) KB High Pull Right x 100

7) KB High Pull Left x 100

8) KB Snatch Right x 75

9) KB Snatch Left x 75

Jacob’s Ladder Shoulder Press/Bicep Curl

KB Shoulder Press x 1; KB Bicep Curl x 4

KB Shoulder Press x 2; KB Bicep Curl x 8

KB Shoulder Press x 3; KB Bicep Curl x 12

KB Shoulder Press x 4; KB Bicep Curl x 16

KB Shoulder Press x 5; KB Bicep Curl x 20

KB Shoulder Press x 20; KB Bicep Curl x 5

KB Shoulder Press x 16; KB Bicep Curl x 4

KB Shoulder Press x 12; KB Bicep Curl x 3

KB Shoulder Press x 8; KB Bicep Curl x 2

KB Shoulder Press x 4; KB Bicep Curl x 1

Tricep Extensions x 50

Total Kettle Bell Reps: 1,050



KB Louganis x 10

KB Press with Flutter Kicks x 20

LBC’s x 100

Total Reps for the Entire Workout: 1,560!


Phenomenal work out there guys!  If you need cardio and want muscle growth, come to Olympus.  Today was a complete nightmare and we loved every minute of it.  T-Claps to Lab Rat for working late in his laboratory coming up with his part on this one #unreal.  Triple T-Claps to our FNG to Olympus and FNG this week to F3, Mr. Hanky. After doing this routine, he left to do the spartan training at Country Day today #totalbeast.

I’ve got to partner up with BLC more.  This guy is a KB swinging machine. When most of us were only able to get 10 reps in during the P2 Suicides, he was consistently getting 15 in (also let me point out that most of the movements above were only 10-15 reps per turn so guys had to do 4-5 Suicide Runs each per round.

-That’s 280-350 yards x 9 rounds = 2,520-3,150 yards or 1.5-2 miles of Suicides #brutal!

Again, thank you for the opportunity for us to lead you and we appreciate you coming out and posting with us today.


The Hoff and Lab Rat

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10 years ago

Nice workout! I will be coming over. My past two times have been tremendous workouts. You guys have been putting some good work together.

10 years ago

Hoff, just reading it made me feel the pain. That’s a nice dish out of pain. Should be there next week to partake in the fun.

10 years ago

Great routine today guys. Excellent mix of cardio and strength conditioning. I’ll be feeling that one for a few days.

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