Stone v Rock

  • When:05/02/14
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: 49er, Big Top, Mall Cop, Hair Band, SlimFast, TigerRag, Geraldo, Good Hands, Hacker, FlutyFlakes, SemiGloss, YoungLove, Channel, Brown, Byron, StageCoach, UncleLeo, Beaker (FNG), HeartBreaker, Strawberry, DonkyKong, Susudio (Respect!), CheeseCurd, Alf, TurkeyLeg, LazyBoy, Simba, Header, PuddinPop, BigLeagueChew (respect!), SwissMiss (Q)

Stone v Rock

 The Thang

Mosey through parking lot to front of school and back. Circle up on grass by flagpole.

20 SSH

20 18 8-count T-merkin (1-down, 2-up, 3-right hand high, 4-regular, 5-down, 6-up, 7-left hand high, 8-regular)

20 IW

20 Squats

Count off in pairs.

Partner 1 lap around field and plank at HS wall until all 2s at wall. Partner 2 gets a rock and meets partner at wall.

Rotate: put down rock and move one rock toward street. End pair run to opposite end.

Partner 1: people’s chair with rock press /P2 sprints to parking lot, lunge walks back. Flapjack.


P1 curls/P2 sprint to parking lot, bear crawl back. Flapjack.


P1 tricep extensions/P2 sprint to parking lot, backward lunge walk. Flapjack.


P1 straight arm front raises/P2 sprint to parking lot, inchworm back. Flapjack.


P1 good mornings/P2 sprint to parking lot, long jumps back. Flapjack.


P1 – get another rock, P2 leave rock, lap around field, get rock and meet P1 at Spirit Rock in front of school.

Catch me if you can: P1 starts running with both rocks, P2 does 5 hand-release burpies. / Starting at the busses, front two teams circle to back and trade rocks with back two teams. 10 regular burpie penalty if a rock touches the ground.

Audible just before the shrubbery b/c time: all take 10-burpie penalty and grab individual rock: return rocks and circle up near flagpole.

Extended Flutter session (40? in cadence) by early-returning pax as rest staggered back.

5 burpie closer.





The difference between a rock and a stone varies depending on who you ask. The consensus from YHCs web research is that a rock is the natural thing and a stone is what you get when you take a rock and do something to it, like breaking it into riprap (which is what we were using today). But I’m not a professional, so for the burpie closer, both answers were acceptable. This was the best source (in YHC’s opinion), and worth scanning at least to the last bit, which is worth the read:

It’s hard to know what size stone to grab for any of the F3 workouts, because too small and you’re just cheating yourself from a solid beatdown. But too big, and you can’t do some of the called exercises, or at least not in good form without risk of injury. YCH wanted to help share the wisdom of our decision making in selecting a stone. Thus the rotations.

The guys who were standing in front of the SmartCar sized stone when “Rotate!” was called never had to face the consequences of their decision. But they didn’t know that when P2 went stone hunting. I’m sure in their hearts, they were bummed, but I think I saw some grins on their faces – probably just for show.  I’m sure there’s a moral to this story, but YHC’s brain hasn’t recovered enough oxygen yet to figure that out.

T-claps to FNG Beaker: great to have you join us in the gloom.  

YHC’s first Kevlar Q. Didn’t think we’d run out of time – I apologize to the Pax for cheating you out of the full CMIYC loop. Won’t happen again.    



Area 51 F3 Dads coming back to Beatty Park in June. Open to any 2.0s (boy/girl) with F3 Dad. Will have light workout with focus on fun. Reach out to Header to sign up to Q one of the 4 Saturdays. (Great way to headlock neighbors/friends and get them into F3 nation!)



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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Good beat down today! Here are a few of my observations:
1) Don’t let Pudding Pop pick a, Boulder!
2) Q’s decision to swap before we executed on exercise with our boulder was brilliant
3) DK is a beast…likes to lift heavy things

The most important thing I noticed was how ravenous the Kevlar Pax was to name the FNG… After the epic naming of MMMBop, which is brilliant, this group was hungry to recreate the magic. Too late suckers, I got this one…Beaker! Strong brother, keep coming back

10 years ago

Good one, Curd. I propose any EH he brings out should be called Meep.

This morning reminded me of Tueday’s COT, only unplugged:

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