Not so Fast!

  • When:5/1/2014
  • QIC: Horsehead
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Haggis, Soft Pretzel, Madame Tussauds, O Tannenbaum, Long Haul

Not so Fast!

7 Fiddlers went down to pay the Devil his due this AM.  Here’s what happened:


  • 2+ mile run from Bevington Place to SCMS Track – highly debatable fellowship pace
  • AMRAP laps around SCMS track – leave in time for return by 6:10 – as fast as you can stand it
  • 2+ mile run home

Totals ranged from 5.6 to 8 miles, depending on the amount of laps around the track.  No restrictor plates.


So I made the mistake of messaging Honeybee to ask about the plans for DT today, and was immediately recruited to lead the workout.  Seems like he was paying it forward from being snookered on Sunday at the Rum Runner.  With visions of trying to lead a running workout where I am typically firmly planted in the SIX in my head, I set out to try and manage what I could.

I’m fairly new to these running workouts, and was forced into participation by a non-participatory shoulder.  F3 has become such a fixture in my morning routine, that when I found myself unable to do burpees, I needed another venue – hence dragging my breathless self out to places such as #Fast Twitch, #Swift, and #Devils Turn over the past few weeks.  Man has this been painful!


  1. Blatantly and unashamedly copy exactly what we did last week.
  2. Don’t get smoked.
  3. Don’t get Larry Birded by everyone.

O Tannenbaum started off the run by asking  about the 4 mile option.  I have fallen for this bait and switch garbage on the website before myself – and it’s funny (not) when you realize that there really isn’t one.  Sorry bud, but your princess is in another castle.  I told him that he could take a nap at the track and I’d wake him up for the run back.

We set out at what I recommended as a fellowship pace.  O Tannenbaum and I realized towards the end of mile 1 that our idea of fellowship was in a different gear than Haggis and Bratwurst.  Sucks to your assmar Piggy – they were gone, like in the Ray Stevens song.

At the track, the PAX completed between 5 and 11 laps, depending on speed and insanity.  OT searched for Christmas trees in the woods and waited on me to flag him down for the run back.

I gave the signal that I was returning after another lap in time to get back by 6:10 and then left immediately (yes, I lied) with OT to make sure didn’t get passed so quickly like I did last week by Turkey Leg.  MT caught up with us as we left the lot so that the Three Musketeers could plod our way back home while the stinky meat duo of Bratwurst and Haggis smoked up the track.  Soft Pretzel and Long Haul also stuck around for some extra laps.  We beat them all back, actually sandbagged a little too hard and had a few mins to kill before they rolled in.  Eat my cheatin’ dust.

I’ll be back.  Running with faster people is the only way to get faster, and I have a lot of people to choose from.

– HH

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9 years ago

HH can’t wait to run with you and see the improvement from the last 3 weeks of this intense running program you have been on. keep truckin brother

9 years ago

From feeding the baby birds to leading a running workout in a matter of months. That’s kooky talk–way to embrace the suck.

Not to let the air out of your balloon but OT’s giant, white nurse shoes with the velcro strap makes everyone else around him appear a couple of steps faster.

Honey Bee
Honey Bee
9 years ago

Nice job Horsehead. Are you addicted to the runner’s high yet?

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