Running like a dog

Running like a dog

This week’s Rumrunner was loosely planned by YHC (Rumrunner FNG) after it being explained that the first one to tweet about Rumrunner is the leader. #rookiemistake

6 men and a K9 forsook the fartsack and posted to the ABC store of Arboretum.  There was a thin red crescent moon just above the tree line as the adventure began.  Was it an omen? A sinister sign?  Probably not, but it looked cool.

More on the lessons to be learned from Cheese Curd’s K9 in the moleskin.

The plan was to leave Arboretum via 51, then snake through Raintree to Strawberry Ln, then head south to enter Rosecliff neighborhood and snake through that to Rea Rd. (standard Devil’s Turn route).

The group then had options:

1) Stump Hugger and Rock Thrill decided to run back to the ABC via Rea and 51 for a total of 6+ miles (PR for Stump Hugger – beast mode out there just coming back from his deathbed)

2) Haggis and YHC ran south on Rea to the entrance of Piper Glen and turned back to catch SH and RT for COT for around 7+ miles total.

3) Cheese Curd and Stage Coach did the whole enchilada and circled through Piper Glen via Old Course and Piper Glen Dr. then back on Rea and 51 for 9+ miles total.

After COT #1, Haggis, RT, and YHC went for another ~2 miles to round out the morning.  All said the PAX experienced between 6 and 10 miles of running pleasure in ideal spring conditions.

The Moleskin:

– Our 4 legged friend this morning had several lessons for us which started to be evident before even leaving the parking lot.  The first order of business upon exiting the car was to go pee on the bushes (always a good idea to lighten the load before getting down to business).

– The second thing that Zoe did was to rally the troupes to get morale up taking advantage of PAX while the were bent down stretching to get in a quick nose nuzzle.  It was like a dog version of a chest bump before a football game.

– Finally Zoe showed the PAX proper effortless, efficient running form for the full 9+ miles.  She didn’t even seem that tired at the end.  Something YHC can not say for himself.

– Congrats to Stump Hugger for the long run PR!  Strong brother.

– Haggis posted to a long run after arriving from Scotland last night and getting only 5 hours sleep.  Impressive effort overcoming jetlag and getting the job done this morning. He even had energy to continue his lobbying to get some one to join him on a 50 mile race.  Crazy man.

– Props to Cheese Curd and Stage Coach for taking on the hills of Piper Glen.  Those things are no joke.

– Finally good luck to Rock Thrill in his upcoming triathlons and fall marathon.  The man is a beast.  What more is there to say.

– YHC out.

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Stump Hugger
10 years ago

Great lead Honey Bee. Thanks to Stage Coach & Rock Thrill for the encouragement. Did not plan for 6 miles (feels good).

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Great lead Honey Bee! That is what Sunday is all about, plenty of options, hills and 2nd F along the way. Great Job Stump Hugger, way to push through! SC, great pace today, thought Piper Glen may have done us in! I am sure I would have walked at some point with out the push (still weak mind)!

As for Zoe…she looked like a beat dog all day! Thanks again for the Pax for making her feel welcome! It seemed like se was a regular, as she pregamed like the rest of us! Must have know she was going the distance!

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