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6 Eager and Determined PAX arrived at F3 – The Outland University – to welcome the final Saturday Beatdown that April has to offer!  Little did we know that not only would we all be getting an education on the fine arts of physical punishment, we would also get an education from Dr. CT Einstein on the … ummm…. proper formulas to determine the precise count while performing said exercises.  Using only a F#3 pencil, Make your marks Heavy and Dark Gents, Let’s begin!


Double E on Q


25 x SSH IC

25 x IW IC

10 x Burpees OYO

25 x Mountain Climbers

10 x Monkey Humpers (per Horse Head’s request ) – Q stopped after 10 for fear of being stoned

25 x Low Slow Squats IC

Mosey to soccer field aka Pain Station #1 and run perimeter changing exercises on each side

Side 1 – Karaoke Left down sideline

Side 2 – Backwards run/sprint

Side 3 – Karaoke Right down sideline

Side 4 – Bear Crawl to Cone #1 to begin:


6 Cones inline approx. 15 yards apart

Sprint to Far cone and perform called exercise at each cone on the way back to cone #1

Exercise #1 – 6 x Merkins / cone

Plank until All PAX complete

Exercise #2 – 6 x LBC / cone

Plank until All PAX complete

Repeato Soccer Field Perimeter run as above

Exercise #3 – 6 x Bomb Jacks / cone

Plank until All PAX complete

Exercise #4 – 3 x Burpees / cone


Hand off Q to Dr. Counter Top Einstein

It is at this point where our fundamentals of Mathematics 101 education would begin!

Called Core Burnout using 5 of the cones while partner 1 runs, partner 2 does called core exercise, wait, 4 of the cones while partner 1 runs half way to the end cone while partner 2 does ¾ of called core exercise.  WAIT, 5/3 of the Partner 1 sprint while the other 4/3 of the partner 2 core works plank-n-ator.  Confusion running high amongst the PAX while visions of fractions danced in their heads, CT gathers himself and clears the air


Core Burnout

Round 1

•           Partner 1  – sprint length of soccer field / LBCs x50 / sprint back

•           Partner 2  – plank and wait until Partner 1 returns


•           Partner 1  – sprint length of soccer field / Back scratchers x50

•           Partner 2 – plank (right arm up) and wait until Partner 1 returns


  •           Partner 1 – 4 count sweepers x10 while Partner 2 throws feet …and switch


Repeato for Round 2 – with an extra 50 back scratchers to honor Horse Head who ruined the bell curve for everyone by doing  50 additional backscratchers on round 1.

Mosey to field house

•           Peoples chair x ½ of ≤2 minutes

•           ∑5 x 5 speed squats

•           Peoples Chair x ½ of ≈2 minutes

•           √100 / 5 lunges each leg OYO

•           Peoples Chair x ½ of 2 minutes

•           Merkins x ¼ x ∫80 OYO

•           BTW and Walk the wall end-to-end (kinda)

•           Wide arm Merkins ∞

•           BTW and Walk the wall end-to-end opposite direction

Indian Run back to soccer pitch for Cone retrieval and mosey back to shovel flag

•           Burpees x E=MC∆12∏ to round out the time

Masters Degrees to all for completing DR. CT’s Pain & Education Station!


Great work by all today including Outland FNG Drop Thrill. Welcome!

Tclaps to HH for running a personal best time / mile for the 4.2 mile Pre-Run!  Keep it up brother!  Much chatter when HH and CT raced the 90 yard sprint!  Well done!

And Especially to Dr. CT Einstein for developing a new scientific formulary method utilizing the scientific method to produce the greatest piece of retroductive reasoning ever performed by a Q at an F3 event!  You are The Man!


–          Continued Prayers for Coy – www.careforcoy.org – 5 year old boy that just had surgery to remove a cancerous Brain Tumor in Pittsburgh.  Unforgettable experience working alongside F3 men and strangers to build a 6’ privacy fence – approx. 500ft. – for this family in a single day.  Continue to pray for a speedy recovery until Little Coy and his family can finally come home.

Thank you for allowing me to Q such an excellent group of Men!

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Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Thanks gentlemen for a great beat down. Still sore, but that may also be because of a 4 mile run yesterday. As Arnold said, I’ll be back.

Hair Band
10 years ago

Ha! That is one of the best backblasts I have read in a while! If my M read this she would know why I like Outland… She knows my math skills.

Not sure what part of the beatdown was different but dealing with some sore legs and back. Figured I would be past that.

Drop Thrill, great having you out! Easy on the running, I don’t need you lapping me already! (Or I need to suck it up and run more, time to go in search of shin splint remedies.)

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
10 years ago

Let’s do it Hair Band. We’ll lap the other guys one day.

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Now you’ve got the boy blogging about this stuff…


Double E
Reply to  Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Great Blog Post DT!! That is a great summary of what F3 is all about and I am looking forward to the next beat down with you! Aye!

Hair Band
Reply to  Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Great stuff DT!

One of the cool things also is outreach, not everyone in F3 is Christian, sure that is the foundation but it is a great thing to pull anyone into that needs to end the cycle of being a Sad Clown (Check the lexicon on the site). They get involved with the beatdowns, then some 2nd F coffeteria and in time maybe they will join up for some 3rd F with a bible study.

I was already involved with a guys Bible study on Fridays so I don’t do an F3 one. By the way, if someone is interested let me know there are 3 of us that meet at Chick-fil-a in Wesley Chapel at 7:45am, there were 4 but one guy has a lot going on and is taking some time off.

I know that is late for some but I work from home on Fridays and this was a time that worked for us.

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