Get your sweat on!

Get your sweat on!

23 top lads (one more than Centurion) ventured out to Kevlar for a little “how’s your father” this morning. Several joined Brown for his pre cross fit workout too.


Mosey to lower lot
SSH x 15
IW x 15
Merkins x 18
Squats x 15
Wide arm merkins x 12
Lunges x 12
Diamond merkins x 9

Split into 3 groups:

#1’s – wind sprint to top of hill, touch gate, and back.
#2’s – decline plank shoulder touches on benches (add merkin if need be)
#3’s – burpee jump ups on bench in porch
Exercise until sprinters get back. Rotate. Repeat twice.

Mosey to soccer field:
#1 kettlebell exercise
#2 sprint three times between partners
#3 tire exercise
Rotate and repeat several times with different exercises

Jack Webb burpee style:
1 burpee
2 lunges
Repeat up to 7


Great temps this morning and for those who came out to Browns pre-workout we got a double dose. I’ve witnessed bells, plates, bricks, and ropes come out the back of someone’s car but this is the first time I’ve seen a bench press! The fartsackers rolled in for the main workout and got a good old sweat going. We hit the lower lot early in a bid to get our monkey humpers out of the way before the Bible study boys rolled in but, alas, no. A church member almost parked his car in the middle of the circle of pain before we got to the fun part. Brown was buzzing from his early morning Q and only really got quiet as the merkins piled up with regular, wide, and diamonds coming thick and fast. Spackler was flying on the sprints up the hill as was Turkey Leg as both were showing off their Fast Twitch speed. Group one took the “fellowship” pace up the hill which meant pax gasping for air on the jump up merkins and shoulder taps.
The old chestnut of the KB, tire, and sprint combo got the lungs going and the finisher of the Jack Webb (burpee style) was about all she wrote. Have a great Friday and sign up today for the F3 golf outing. Should be a really fun day!

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10 years ago

Your description of the field workout is completely understated! That plankwalk got me off kilter.

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