Sadclown no more

Sadclown no more

0650 – I’m the only one here. Pretty quiet. Rain is coming down hard. Think I’ll stay in the truck until someone else shows up.

0655 – Hmm, no one else here yet. I wonder if anyone else is coming or if today is THE DAY.

0657 – So, if no one else posts, do I (a) go home and post a fake backblast, (b) go home and never post a backblast or (c) sadclown the workout I had orignally planned.

0659 – Hmm, no one else yet. Interesting. Leaning toward option (b).

0700 – Aww crap, I was ready to do it anyway. Might as well get to it. Here we go. Holy cow it’s wet!

Mosey away from parking lot and into the gloom.

0702 – Hey, who’s that pulling into the lot. Guess I’ll circle back and check it out…

The PAX were light and the workout was solid. Backblast is late (for me), so I’m gonna make is short and sweet:

run around school, COP (SSH, IW, merkins, flutters, etc.), run 2/3 mile, BEAST (merkin, squat, flutter, carolina dry dock, sister mary catherine, lbcs), run to playground for circuit training (pullups, dips, squats), repeato x3, run 2/3 mile, rock work (curls, squats, deadlift, overhead presses), run back to recordbreaking COT.


– Really glad I didn’t have to workout alone. That would have sucked. Would have sucked even more because it’s been so long since I’ve worked out alone. Felt kind of like Kevin Arnold being left home alone in area51.

– DK hates to run, but he’s fast so at least he doesn’t have to run as long as some people to get the job done.

– If you ever find yourself working out in a group of 2, do not circle up. Do not square up. Line up shoulder to shoulder and workout like men. gaze into the distance, not each others’ eyes. That’s just weird. Same rule probably applies to groups of 3 or 4. I wouldn’t know. There was only 2 of us.

– Hope everyone had a nice spring break and/or enjoyed the fartsack on Saturday. You missed a great workout, awesome fellowship … and long gazes into the distance.

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10 years ago

Great bb Young Love.
How do you do Ball of Man with 2 guys? Don’t answer.

10 years ago

True F3 dedication from both of you. Glad to hear DK made it out to join you .

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