I’m pretty sure I got everyone’s attention last night when I pre-tweeted that today’s workout would be intense with the disclaimer in full effect. If they didn’t see the tweet, then they surely heard me when I repeated my encouragement/warning/disclaimer at 0529. Anvil has been attracting a nice mix of strong vets and relatively newish PAX, and in the ever present tension between pushing ourselves while leaving no man behind, I knew the disclaimer would be needed today. The good news: we didn’t lose anyone. The equally good news: everyone got a nice, strenuous 45 minute workout in this morning.


PAX properly disclaimed, we moseyed into the extra gloomy morning.


Mosey to Rock Pile and pick a heavy rock. Ok, everyone put down your rock and pick a heavier rock. Raise boulder to shoulder and mosey to the COP.



–          Drop boulder

–          SSH x25

–          10 burpees OYO

–          Pick-up boulder to perform Rock Combo: squat/curl/overhead press. 10 Rock Combos OYO

–          Drop boulder


The Circuit

–          Run to Entrance #4, bear crawl down first half, run to bottom, 10 hand-release merkins, sprint up Entrance #4 and run back to your rock.

–          10 burpees OYO

–          10 Rock Combos OYO

–          Run to bottom of North Face, sprint up North Face, 10 jump squats, run back to your rock.

–          10 burpees OYO

–          10 Rock Combos OYO


Break up into 2 groups: Group 1 runs toward Entrance #4, Group 2 runs toward North Face.


Continue with same circuit as above until Q calls time, repeating Circuit as many times as possible.


Q calls plank to regroup. Time for some Mary.

–          Plankorama (focus on form)

–          Flutter with Rock Press x25 (hold em, feet and rocks)

–          Heels-to-Heaven (no Rock) x10


Shoulder your boulder, return boulder to rock pile, run back for COT near cars.



–          Nice work today, fellas. The strong guys pushed it and the moderate guys hung in there and at least appeared to give it their all (hard to tell in the dark and I’m not your mother so it’s on you anyway). I’m pretty sure this workout was pretty good (I never can tell how intense a workout is when I Q, although I will say that this workout failed to let up and kept coming back for more) and will make a reappearance when you least expect it. I might even get super creative and come up with a name for it someday.

–          Disclaimer was emphasized because (a) I knew modification may be necessary for some folks and (b) North Face in the dark early morning gloom truly is an expedition. North Face is awesome, use at your own risk.

–          Champagne gets a special shout out for going at this with a weight vest. Well done, brother.

–          Prayers for Lobster Roll’s friend and family (cobains – I forgot to write down the name) who just lost wife/mother to sarcoma.



–          See the email of the week. If you don’t receive the weekly email please ask a friendly site Q to get you set up.

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9 years ago

YL, Hate that I missed this one. Sounds awful in a good way. Probably worse than our 4 hour bus ride to Charleston w/ group of 5th graders on field trip.

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