Runnin’ around the schoolyard

Runnin’ around the schoolyard

The VSF was planted by Bugeater (does Hydra have a SF?), and 19 of F3’s finest set out for another pain-filled edition of Hydra.  Yankee joined us after the warmup lap around OP, making it an even 20 pax this morning.

The Thang:

Warm-up run around OP

COP (all exercises in cadence)

SSH x 25

MC x 25

Squat x 25

CDD x 15

Run to the back of the school


People’s Chair w/Overhead Press x 15 IC

Peoples’ Chair (cont’d) with arms straight out to overhead x 10 IC

Run to field for the following:

3/4 Around the clock H-R merkins.

Bear crawl 50 yds

Lunge walk 50 yds

Karaoke R 50 yds

Karaoke L 50 yds

High Knees 50 yds

Jog to far parking lot

Split in 2 groups

Group 1 does Flutters while Group 2 runs around OP.  Flapjack.

Group 1 does merkins while Group 2 runs 1/2 way around OP.  Group 2 then does merkins until Group 1 gets 1/2 way around.

Same as above with Dolly’s.

Same as above with Peter Parkers.

6ish MoM – IC:

Knee Ups x 13

Russian Twist x 13

High, Slow Flutter x 10

Slow, stop-motion Squat x 10

Elbow plankarama, Regular Plank, 6 inches with 13 count by Gummy to close us out


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Great group this morning.  T-claps to the fellas who ran in: Chico, Kirk, Puddin’ Pop and Bugeater.  YHC noted some especially strong performances from Gummy, Brisket, Kirk…and I’m sure I’m missing others.

Wolfman, due to fatherly duties – had to claim LIFO (first out) at 6:00.  You can set your watch to it Thursday mornings.  Yankee (who also claimed LIFO due to his last in status) still owes us another lap around OP!  And good to see Zima posting – hadn’t seen you in a while brother.  Also – special welcome to Steinbrenner and Bushwood, both of whom were FNGs to Hydra I believe.

Hydra has become a solid AO, and the pax is always bringing it there.  Good work men.  Pleasure to Q this morning.

Great sendoff by La-Z-Boy reminding us why we celebrate Easter.


F3 Golf – SignUp – Thursday, May 29th.  Bananas is event Q, Cottonmouth handling sponsorships.

2 new 3rd F groups – Threshold in SoPark Wednesday’s at noon. Dunamis launches Friday, May 9th at noon – Moe’s Ballantyne – Iron Horse and Cake Boss are Q’s.

Great showing by Area51 at the USMC Mud Run Saturday.  T-claps to Stagecoach who was our Q for that.  Lots of the pax talking about how much fun it was; so we expect an even bigger turnout in the fall.






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Stage Coach
9 years ago

Nice lead, Hops. And t-claps for remembering all the names sans technology.

9 years ago

Two pro-level Q audibles this morning – stopping the hand realease merkin clock at 9:00, and changing the full laps to half laps around the school between sets. I thought group 2 had gone for donuts.

Great tailbone workout this morning too. My favorite line of the morning, via Stage Coach: “My coccyx is going to be huge.”

Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

This was a Q-school case study. Multiple audibles, but the coup de grace in my opinion was how he stretched 6 MoM to cover the remaining 9 minutes on the clock through some of the slowest squats I’ve ever seen.

Kept the heart rate up with the runs. The 9-hours (I guess) of HR merkins sucked.

Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

Funny – we thought Group 1 went for coffee. Together, that would have made a pretty good breakfast.

9 years ago

Nice Q Hops. I want to do that Around the Clock exercise again. Not because it was fun, but because I finally figured out what we were doing at 8:00 (I was moving my hands (and not my body) around the clock, and so basically it was like doing diamonds around the clock – and that sucked). Great workout all around – I was smoked at the end. Thanks, brother.

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