Catch Me…If you can

Catch Me…If you can






16 Men (including 1 FNG) posted a strong workout at DV this brisk Wednesday morning.


  • SSH x25
  • Imperial Walker x25
  • LBC x25
  • Mirkens x20
  • Prisoner Squat x25
  • Mountain Climbers x25
  • Jumping Lunges x25 each leg (OYO)
  • Jumping Squats x25 (OYO)

Partner Up

Catch me if you can on track

Partner #1 does below exercise while Partner #2 runs the track.  Partner 1 completes exercise and catches up to Partner 2; Partner 2 does said exercise and catches Partner #1. Got it?

  • Round #1:10 Mirkens for 800 Meters (two laps)
  • Plank – a – rama until everyone completes
  • Round #2: 10 Squats for 800 Meters  (two full laps) 
  • Plank – a – rama until everyone completes
  • Round #3: 5 Burpees for 800 Meters  (two full laps) 
  • Plank – a – rama until everyone completes
  • Round #4: 10 Diamond Mirkens for 800 Meters (two full laps) 

Partner over/under

  • Partner #1 Plank, Partner # 2 crawls under torso and jump back over legs. Flapjack 10x for 3 rounds
  • Partner Wheel Barrows 50 yards flapjack



  • Pre-Kettle Bell had 4 strong men post (Stage Coach, RS, Bull dog and Semi-Gloss). Semi-Gloss lead us through a 25 min tibata beat down. Thanks for the extra work bro, appreciate it!
  • Excellent work on the catch me if you can, except Turkey Leg seemed to forget to slow down so Stage Coach could catch him.  Next time we may tie his legs together to slow him down a bit.. #BEASTMODE.
  • Splinter was strong always, he had his wind breaker pants on…reminded me of corduroy’s in the early ’80’s.  Lots of friction=noisy run.
  • So we had one FNG today who dodged a bullet. Bull Dog suggested he should be called ‘Fireman Ed’s Dad’ Welcome Blue Grass.
  • Bull Dog, hope your boys aren’t too swollen today… nothing like a shoe to the @#$%. Please  see comment below regarding Ice
  • Joust this Friday Kevlar will converge at Joust (Charlotte Christen) — Header on Q so please rest and hydrate, because it’s gonna be an EPIC Beat down. #ICE-UP-SON
  • For the real men of F3, there will be a pre-Kettle Bell workout @5AM at Joust — Stone Cold Q.  Nuff Said.


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10 years ago

Man nice smoker stopper! Too bad I was sleeping.

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