SPEARHEADs get back to their roots in a new AO

SPEARHEADs get back to their roots in a new AO

(6) SPEARHEADs woke up to the sound of rain on their windows, but they still made it out of the fartsack and over to our new Tuesday AO.  And it was worth it!

The Thang

Form up at Sardis Rd & Old Bell Rd Greenway parking lot
One 40 pound sandbag team weight
Team Leader – Hoff.  Navigate team to point 10 on map.  15 minute time hack

Arrive at point 10, 30 seconds late.
Look for a log – found one. Picked it up – full of ants.
Brush off ants from under shirts.

Pile of rocks – everyone grab a rock.

Rock overhead press x 20
Hold rock overhead until failure

Continue up path towards Boyce Park carrying rocks. Continue to look for logs.
Arrive at Boyce Park

Decline merkins on bench with ruck x 10
Bear Crawl to next bench
Crab Walk Back

Stash rocks in the woods for later

Continue down path towards greenway.

Hoff finds a log that he likes. Pick up the log.
Team left sandbag behind! Angler and Clueless return for sandbag.

Ruck log back to start point, stash in the woods.


Thanks to everyone for braving the weather this morning to post.  It turned out that it did not rain or storm at all during the workout, so it was perfect!

I wanted this workout to be much more fast paced, but the lack of a decent hardwood log in the general area of point 10 made for a difficult time keeping the workout moving as we searched.  Like anything – this workout will get better with time.  We need to learn the area and experiment a little more.

This new area has so many different places to go and things to do.  The greenway goes all the way up to Harris Blvd.  The Cottonwood Nature Trails have a lot of ground to cover.  There is a cross country 5K course on the other side of the greenway at McAlpine Park.  The possibilities are endless!

Gulfstream made the trip down from Highlands for a little SPEARHEAD recon.  He and Winnebago are launching SPEARHEAD Highlands tomorrow morning at Highland Creek Elementary – 0445.  It sounds like they have some pretty cool stuff in store, so don’t miss that!

Thanks again for letting me lead, I look forward to next Tuesday!

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The Hoff
10 years ago

This was a GREAT idea and nice lead BTB. The rain, which caused the creek to be unsafe, and the Insects, which weren’t liking the new home moving team this morning, threw a few kinks in there, but in all was well worth the time. This new site will prove to be a excellent place to train and I am excited to see what the Future has in store for SPEARHEAD on Tuesdays.

Reply to  BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

3 words. Mission Based Scenarios. Watch for AAR from SH Highlands tomorrow.

10 years ago

Note to self : Next time select smaller rock.

Reply to  BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Okay, Okay — Note to self : Next time embrace the suck more better.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Picking up rocks are “one of my favorite things.”

10 years ago

Great AO! A bit bummed it’s so far away, but I’ll still post on occasion. Excellent group down there at SPEARHEAD. The NoCo guys are enjoying some Good Livin’ as well, it appears that SPEARHEAD is getting contagious and spreading, #starfish. If anyone is even remotely interested, I invite you to post at a SPEARHEAD, you’ll be glad you did.

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