What can you do in the last 4 minutes?

What can you do in the last 4 minutes?

31 of Area 51’s finest denied the fartsack to get their mid-week downPAINment.  The Gopher didn’t disappointed.


  • 1 legged burpees x 10 each leg
  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walker x 25

The Thang:

-Team up in groups of 4.

-Man A&B runs to football field and one lap around track then back to transition area.  Man C&D runs down steps to baseball field and completes 20 each of: dips, modified pull ups, CDD’s, LBC’s then runs back to transition area where each team completes a total of 40 burpees (divided up at each team’s discretion). Flapjack.  Continue cycle for 40 minutes.

-1 MOM led by Stone Cold: Dollys x 20


  • This workout spreads the pax so YHC didn’t hear a lot to report in the moleskin.  There were some interesting comments being made regarding hip alignment in the CDD.  What happens at DV stays at DV.
  • All teams were pushing it hard and some were crushing it out there.  Runstopper and Stone Cold run past me like I was standing still on lap 1.  I think RS was excited at the thought of more burpees.
  • Welcome back to Open House.  He gets hair burners in his first post last week and now the Gopher.  Full exposure.
  • I think most teams got in 4-6 rounds.  YHC’s team finished 5 complete cycles.


  • USMC Mud Run – Be at SCMS by 0445 Saturday.  Buses roll out at 0500 sharp.
  • Some workouts this Saturday (4/12) are converging at The Rock.  Check Twitter for the latest updates.
  • F3 Golf – Signup before May 1.

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10 years ago

The Gopher is great. Without burpees. As Tiger Rag said, an auditor would have had a few issues with both of our burpee counts. Thank you SC for picking up the slack for us. Def was one of those where I looked at the watch way too early and the workout seemed to last way too long.

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

I am not sure if runstopper runs faster with or without his “hot pants” but as SC said, he and Stone Cold were hustling…I assume your C&D partners were hating you both!

Stagecoach has been eating his Wheaties..his only goal on the gopher was to beat Spackler and TR to the landing…for burpees! Great game plan.

Lastly, TR, I know you like going UP hills, apparently stairs too. On the last stair climb, I just saw a head lamp sprinting to the stairs (much faster then previous laps), then said head lamp, crush the stairs? “miscounting” burpees really gave you a boost at the end:)

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