1 Year Down

1 Year Down

12 gentlemen came to the Maul to help celebrate my 1 year anniversary.  I decided to bring back some of my favorite exercises over the past year.  Add in a weight plate and you have yourself one tough morning.

Mosey to Firebirds and circle up
– 10 Burpees OYO
– 10 Burpees OYO
– Reverse Lunge
– 9 Burpees OYO (since Philmont was being so positive)
Short mosey around the corner to The Pole of Pain.  Pieces of paper tape to the light post with different exercises written on them.  A 35 lb weight leaning up against the pole.
Pax circle up, person 1 selects a paper and reads out the exercise.  Pax in the circle perform said exercise while person 1 burns hair down to the second island and back(uphill).
EXERCISES (as much as I can recall)
Burpees (crowd pleaser)
Turkish Get Ups
Jump Tucks
Merkin Jacks
Shoulder Tap Merkins (Long Haul new Fav)
Man Maker Merkins (crowd pleaser)
Arm Circles, thought it would be a nice break but it burned the shoulders
High Knees
High Knees Arms raised
MTN Climbers
Peter Parker
A few other terrible things that I can’t recall
Chipotle and Haggis kept hoping for Mary exercises to be read off but there were none to be found.
Mosey back home for Mary
– Flutta
– Dolley
– Mason Twists
Oh what fun we had today.  The Pax grumbling started during warm up when YHC called for Burpees.  Haggis in particular seemed to not be a fan of Burpees as a warm up.
The first sight of the Pole of Pain was greeted with inquisitive looks and plenty of mumble chatter.  Once the PAX learned hair burners were involved they knew it was going to suck.  We basically stayed in a circle the whole time and tried to knock out as many of the said exercises while our brother was doing their best to push the weight plate down and up a hill.  Strong work by everyone out there today.  It was not easy.
As for my first year completed in F3, I want to say thanks to Hops for bringing me into this crazy group of guys.  Thanks also to the first site Qs who encouraged me to become a leader,
Tiger Rag, Joker and Dora.  To the SOBS, yes we are out every morning strengthening our bodies, but more importantly we are strengthening our souls through fellowship and encouragement of each other.  When I started F3 I hoped I would get a good workout in every morning, and I definitely have gotten that.  I had no idea I would receive a whole lot of more.  I look forward to seeing familiar faces in the gloom, talking about their lives, families and what’s new in their life.  Hearing about their struggles and their accomplishments.(award show music starts to play telling me to wrap this speech up)  It’s a great feeling to have a group of brothers behind you in this walk we take.

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10 years ago

Mic Check… One-year is the “paper” annivesary, so your note cards were a perfect “gift” for the PAX. Great to see you Ballantyne boys going strong. The only dowmside of growth is we dont’ see each other much anymore. I may have to boot up my GPS and see if I can find you guys some time.

F3 years are like dog years by the way… so you can call this your seven year anniversary if you want.

Reply to  Joker
10 years ago

Aye Brother. I remember scouting out the new workout in what would become Area 51. You, me and OBT driving around in the rain looking at fields. This was three years ago when we though the field mattered. Now we know it’s the Q, the man who stands up to lead, that matters. TClaps to @MicCheck for joining the Q-line that started south of Fairview.

Long Haul
10 years ago

Congratulations on the 1 yr! Hard not to love those shoulder tap merkins after such a great demo! A few more demos like that and I may just get it! Great workout today.

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