The Brick Masons Return

The Brick Masons Return

With the shovel flag firmly planted 10 pax ventured forth out into the gloom for their weekly Saturday downPAINment.  Little did 9 of them know they would be swinging around brick pavers all morning like masons.  It went a little something like this:

The Thang:

YHC yelled follow me and we quick moseyed to the end of the parking lot and circled back around to YHC’s car to fetch our 2 little brick paver friends for the morning as the collective sighs of the pax ensued.  Now the real follow me with a quick mosey out to the front fields in front of Calvary for a warmup with our bricks in hand:

SSH x 30

Push/Press x 30

Imperial Walkers x 30

Man Maker Merkins x 16

Combination of slow & regular squats x 30

4 Corners Brick Mason Style: YHC had set-up 4 cones in a large square with the cones a little more than 100 yards apart and we broke up into 4 teams.

Round 1: Corner 1 Push/Press w/ bricks x 30, Corner 2 Man Maker Merkins x 16, Corner 3 squats with bricks, Corner 4 LBC’s w/ bricks over chest x 30, run back to cone you started from then out to middle of the square for various planks.

Round 2: Drop your bricks for this one, Corner 1 Carolina Dry Docks x 30, Corner 2 Diamond Merkins x 20, Corner 3 Jump Squats x 30, Corner 4 Flutter Kicks x 30, sprint to cone you started at and then to center for various planks.

Round 3: Repeat Round 1 with your bricks.

10 minutes of Mary in the center with each pax leading a core exercise of their choice.  We did Flutter, Dolly, LBCs, Cumberland County Viaducts L & R, Prarie Fire Mary (Leg Throws), J Lo, Dying Cockroach, Walking Planks. & 2 others YHC can’t remember.

Lunge Walk 50 yards and run out to THE ROCK (10 ft tall) at The Rock for a little Mud Run prep team work up and over the Rock.

Mosey over to the entrance 4 hill and sprint down hill with your bricks and backwards lunge walk up.

Drop bricks off to the side and Lunge Walk down and Bear Crawl up the hill.

Pick up bricks and mosey over to the 3rd base line for 10 Burpees OYO with your bricks.  Mosey over to the dugout fence for Peoples Chair / Push Press combo with your bricks.

Jail Break back to the shovel flag.



Great job by the pax today as YHC wanted to get in some running between various sets of exercises as a Mud Run prep simulation.  It’s always fun to do a little team work and climb THE ROCK as well in a 10 ft Wall simulation.

Welcome to F3 to our FNG Brian K. (Dr. Noles), great work out there and we hope to see you out in the gloom many times in the future!

No new announcements this week, just be on the lookout for next weeks workout as several of our Saturday workouts converge at The Rock while some of us do the USMC Mud Run.  The beatdown will be curtousy of Run Stopper.

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9 years ago

Welcome Dr. Noles – glad you finally made it out. You will get hooked – I promise. Great name btw. And Mall Cop definitely introduced you to F3 in serious fashion. Looks like a smoker of a workout.

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