Cue the music

Cue the music

10 of Area 51’s finest assembled on the grounds of Olde Providence Elementary for one of the least moderate workouts that Ascent has to offer.  Quarterly, we assess our progress by running a CrossFit benchmark workout called Cindy.  She lasts 20 minutes exactly, so we find ways to occupy ourselves for the other 40 minutes.  Here’s how we kept busy…

The Thang

Mosey to the tiny ballfield on the far right, just to give the usual field a rest, and circle up

COP (in cadence)

  • 15 Side-Straddle Hops
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Slow Toe Touches
  • 20 Arm Circles (10 fwd, 10 bkwd)
  • 15 Low Slow Squats

Mosey to the playground while YHC cues the music (playlist of mostly 90’s dance)


  • 5 pullups
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 squats

Rinse & Repeat for 20 minutes  (Keeping track of your number of completed sets, which you’ll use to benchmark against past & future efforts)

Mosey back to the little field to catch our breath with some Mary

Mary (Q’ed by 2.0 Low Tide)

  • Elbow plank
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Mason Twist
  • LBC’s
  • Elbow Plank
  • Protractor
  • Sid-the-Kid  (Human trials of something Strange Brew picked up on his travels to foreign lands. You setup like a 45 degree protractor position and then make circles with your legs.)

KB work

Rested up and with abs sufficiently tightened, grab your KB and partner up with someone having a like sized KB, while YHC switches playlists to 80’s rock

  • P1 – Run to the sign on the far fence and back
  • P2 – Armor Builders – with 2 KB’s, complete 2 double cleans, 1 double overhead press, & 3 double front squats


Rinse & Repeat until each partner has completed 5 sets of each

  • 10-8-6-4-2 complex – 2-hand swing + goblet squat + Carolina Dry Dock

Without partners, complete the complex with the declining number of reps each time, 10, then 8, then 6, …

Now buff and a little tired, we turn it back over to Low Tide (triple hate) to bring us home with

  • Jack Webb – ladder up to 5 merkins & 20 air presses and back down




New moderate workout on Thursdays will be beginning very soon, with Slim Fast and Geraldo as site Q’s.  Location is TBD.

Strong closing from Byron.


Strong work out there today by the entire pax, including FNG Drop Thrill (Wes Connell).  Our quarterly Cindy workout is the hardest, least moderate workout we do at Ascent.  It is easily modifiable, and it also provides us with a tremendous benchmark opportunity to see the progress we’re making in both strength and endurance.  So, that’s why we do it, despite the intensity.  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and motivation for continuing your work when you see a new PR or continue to perform at levels that previously were unattainable.  T-claps, guys.

Some good mumble chatter and 2nd F out there today.  It began when YHC called for a mosey to the COP area while the pax were carrying their KB’s (and YHC had already prepositioned his KB’s #smarterthanIlook); continued with strong encouragement and comments during Cindy; Low Tide caught some T-hate with his Mary Q, which he loves; and YHC continued to promise and then be questioned about when the workout was going to be easier (having promised a relaxing KB workout after Mary – how can you relaxingly swing iron??).  Good times.

At the end of it, it seemed everyone had a good benchmark, had a good workout, had fun, and hopefully will have some mild, satisfying soreness tomorrow – the hallmark of a good workout.

A special welcome to FNG Drop Thrill, who had been EH’d by Byron & BLC for sometime before posting today.  Really glad you joined us today, and look forward to seeing you at future workouts.

Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead.

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Strange Brew
9 years ago

HT missed the 10 burpees OYO as he was setting up the music for Cindy, that’s ok the rest of us did them. Seriously good work out there men. Great job leading as always HT and the seemingly 5 min protractor from LT is still felt.

9 years ago

Loved it! Great morning with great men! The encouragement and respect was high and greatly appreciated. Wes (Drop Thrill) you did a fantastic job and are now part of the F3 Nation. Excellent lead by both Tides!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I’ll be back.. as soon as my arms and legs start working again. 🙂

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