Minute to Win it, F3 style

Minute to Win it, F3 style

Posted on behalf of Boutique

16 men including 1 Anvil FNG (welcome Scabby) took to the fields and lots of Anvil on this fine Wednesday morning.  The warm weather is here, finally! What better way to celebrate than playing a little Minute To Win It F3 style!


 The Thang:

Mosey/warm up run around lot with some backwards run & karaoke mixed in.

COP – On soccer fields

  • SSH x 20 ic
  • Imperial walkers x 20 ic
  • Squats x 20 ic
  • Merkins x 20 ic

Mosey to front lot on Hwy 51

 Minute To Win It

Group does called exercise for 1 minute.  Run a lap (down around traffic circle at other end of lot).  Regroup in plank

  • Round 1- LBC
  • Round 2 – Dollies
  • Round 3 – Flutter Kicks
  • Round 4 – Merkins
  • Round 5 – Burpees

Mosey to baseball field partner up, grab a rock and continue on to hill on Rea Rd.

Partner 1 – overhead press with rock

Partner 2 – jog down, bear crawl up


Partner 1 – tricep curls with rock

Partner 2 – karaoke left down, karaoke right up


Partner 1 – overhead press with rock

Partner 2 – lunge walk down, lunge walk 1/2 way back up


Partner 1 – squats with rock

Partner 2 – run down, burpees broad jumps up (in the interest if time, called it. Young Love & Spandex finished it out – strong!)



It was a pleasure to lead at Anvil this morning. Minute to win it seemed to keep the pax on their toes. Great job today guys!

Sacajawea was out in front on the runs and Lobster Roll was slaying the bear crawls!

Burpee Broad jumps always feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back…especially uphill!


  • HDHH on the road at Bradshaw Social House, 6pm
  • BRR – contact Baracus if interested in being a sub.
  • 4 teams currently from Area 51 – two twelve man & two 9 man.
  • Mud run bus transportation sign up. Contact Champagne

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10 years ago

Minute of Burpees before another fairly long jog around the parking lot to wrap up “A Minute to Win It” and then Burpee Broad Jumps to wrap up the final round of partner work on the hill to Entrance 4 was just cruel and unusual punishment. Nice lead this morning Boutique.

10 years ago

Strong lead Boutique. You brought the pain. Uphill burpee broad jumps to close it out were awful.

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