Byron’s Traveling Circus of Pain – 3-Man Grinder Edition

Byron’s Traveling Circus of Pain – 3-Man Grinder Edition


16 Faithful, 10 Pain Stations, 1 VSF…beautiful Saturday at Olympus


Warm-up – Listen to Byron run his yapper about the ensuing beatdown

Group KB Flow – become one with your KB through swings, high pulls, clean, press, snatch, squat, row, lunge, bottoms -up cleans, windmill press, etc.

Divide up into teams of 3. One team per station (10 total).  Team member #1 started on “the implement”. Team members #2 and #3 were at the opposite ends of the course.  Team member #1 moved the implement to the awaiting team member #2, and #2 takes it back to #3.  While one team member is with the implement, the others are KB Flowing.  Stay at each stations for 2.5 minutes then rotate with your bells (thanks to Gullah for manning the watch today).

Here are the 10 stations:

1 – Tire sledgehammer pounds – 5 each side (thanks to Gabriel in providing the sledgehammer)
2 – Battling rope – 20 each side
3 – Sled rows – 10-12 pulls
4 – Prowler sprints
5 – Med Ball (20lb.) Frog Hops
6 – Firehose sprints
7 – Heavy KB Farmer’s Walks (70lbs. each hand)
8 – Med Ball (25lbs.) Squat and Launch (6-8 reps)
9 – Reaction ball drop and catch – 1 or 3 burpees depending on if you catch it.
10 – Barbell curl & press

Round was for 2.5 minutes at each station.  Round 2 was a speed round – once each member got through the implement once, move on.




COT – Popcorn Prayers then 2 choruses of “Awesome God”


* Another Brew Ruck is coming May 17.  A new PR of intoxication is expected, but it is all for a good cause…rucks will be filled with can donations to Second Harvest.  Look for details from those wacky Spearhead guys.

*Possible coffeeteria option for all South Charlotte locations on the first Saturday in May.  Matthews UMC has a big pancake breakfast for Charlotte Rescue Mission and other mission projects.



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Big League Chew
9 years ago

No doubt the Russian strong man edition watching Hoff, Bryon & LC trying to out muscle each other with both hands high with the giant kbs. Great to see FNG Neal aka-Gabriel again. It’s been a few years so I hope you keep coming out! Great COP gazing at Bryons navel made my flow seem effortless. Great COT for bringing us before the Throne!

The Hoff
9 years ago

This was the most fun and best all around workout I’ve ever been a part of. Seriously great teamwork, non-stop action and lots of power moves that would spike cardio while crushing your muscles. Bryon definitely took Olympus to another level today and I’m not looking forward to following behind that routine next week…Gullah and I will have to really get creative!
Brown graced us with the “Gun Show” today, our FNG Gabriel was a flat out machine and you’d never know he was an FNG as he simply didn’t stop moving! He, lab rat and BLC could have quite the endurance competition.
It was also cool getting some new F3 guys to Olympus (Lego and Scissor Hands) and hope to see you guys out there again.
To all the others out there, you crushed it #gladiatorstyle. Aye!!

9 years ago

Now that’s how you beat the snot out of a tire! Thanks for bringing out your toys. A great workout which I am sure will try a bigger crowd next time around.

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