LBC= Little Bitty Coupon

LBC= Little Bitty Coupon

No Paul Bunyon stumps, but YHC didn’t show up empty-handed. A rock-climbing rope bag filled with 35 lbs of sand makes a handy coupon.
How bad can one little coupon be? 15 brave men welcomed the third attempt at spring and posted for some Centurion fun.

The Thang

SSH x 20
Squat x 20
Hold Plank position for: Merkins x 10, Mt Climber x 20, Diamonds x 10
Squat x 20

Coupon Indian Run around parking perimeter
(Man at the back carries coupon until sprinter gets to the front, then passes coupon forward and sprints)

Burpee Bucket Brigade: Circle Up, Pass coupon left, do 10 quick burpees before the coupon comes back around.
Rinse and Repeat x 3

Count off by 2’s
1) run a lap
2) 10 coupon curls, pass left, do squats until done
1) run a lap
2) 10 overhead coupon press, pass left, SSH until done
1) run a lap
2) 10 coupon squats, pass left, plank til done

Coupon Indian Run to front of school tables
20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 LBCs OYO
Rinse and Repeat
Coupon Indian Run long way back to top parking lot

Heels to Heaven x 25
LBCs x 25
Russian Twist x 15
Bicycle x 15


With the MudRun just around the corner, YHC elected more running and less of the usual pusharama. The number of Pax worked out great for the teams running a lap in the same time it took the rest to cycle thru the coupon workouts. Jamboree as usual led his group; YHC has no idea who led the second group, as I was stuck covering the six. #notarabbit
A big Centurion welcome to some newer faces; Coleslaw, Scabby, and my Prometheus friend Deer Tick. Where’s that MudRun team of yours?
Thanks to those who jumped on the Q rotation. All are welcome to take a turn at the helm. First timers can co-Q with another man to ease into it. #leadership
Great work by all! Way to kick off the weekend-

Watch web site for details on new 3rd F in the SouthPark area.
Ruck with a Purpose: Reach Checkpoint, Iron Horse, or Donkey Kong if you’d like to put your strong back to good use, carrying bridge building materials to a village in Nicaragua. Early May –

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10 years ago

Centurion welcome to Pele as well, who was FNG to our favorite Friday AO.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Coupon was a bit more manageable than the stumps and my arms are not all scarred. PAX needs to come split wood at my house or the stumps may make a repeat performacne. Maybe time to find some big tires to flip in the parking lot.

10 years ago

I too am happy about the absence of abrasions on my shoulders this Friday afternoon. Sandbags over stumps any day. Great Q Snowflake! I am finally feeling like I am getting my lungs back, until I try to keep up with Jamboree on stadium laps #gasssed. My disgust for that hill between the lower lot and the upper lot grew with every lap we did. I will monitor craigslist for tractor tires. They are posted for free often. Any offers to pick them up after they are located? Tractor tires and KIA Optimas are not compatible.

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