The Q shows up for a change

The Q shows up for a change

So last Tuesday I had a faulty alarm clock and totally missed my Q at Fast Twitch.  Not my finest moment.  Unfortunately for the PAX at The Matrix this morning, Best Buy hooked me up with a shiny new alarm clock with two alarms, snooze button, AM AND FM Radio.  A bit of a budget buster @ $20, but its worth it to ensure timely pain delivery to the PAX.

As the PAX gathered we discussed yet another chilly morning.  How many sub 40 degree workouts has it been this winter?  Enough of that and off we went to warm up quick.

Mosey to parking lot for COP:

Each of the following 25x in cadence

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Dollies

The Thang:

Mosey to stumps for double move 11’s.  Maybe that’s 22’s counted by two’s?  No time really to debate the details.

10 step ups on stumps (A right leg up, then left leg up counts as 1 rep)

run to playground

1 hanging knee raise and 1 pull up counts as a rep.

Run back and forth until you get to 1 step up and 10 knee raise/pull-ups.


Mosey to wall, with 25 yards of lunge walk along the way.

2 rounds of peoples chair with 15 Irkins after first round and 15 Derkins after second.

Mary on the move:

Line up and run down the parking lot stopping at 1st goal for 20 LBC’s, second goal 20 LBC’s, turn back stopping again at first goal for 20 LBC’s and run it out to the end.

Repeat-o with flutters.

Mosey to cars with 40 Russian Twists OYO to close it out.


After the Spartan Race yesterday it was tough to get out there this morning.  Calling the 11’s off that bat was an easy Q move: it was hard and ate 25+ minutes off the clock.  Plus it loosened up all the tight parts from yesterday. Not much chatter from the PAX after we started the 11’s.  Lot’s of hard work being done and I had to make sure I kept up enough speed not to have Lobster Roll lap me.  He was moving out there.

Speaking of Spartan, working out with F3 all the time makes you forget how strong we are compared to the sad clowns working out next to a fern.  This weekend YHC finished the race in the same pack as Cheese Curd, Run Stopper, Ninja Turtle and a few other Metro/NoCo PAX.  I felt we were middle of the road for the F3 Crew.  A good run, but not record breaking.  Turns out we were all in the top 6% or so for the entire race.  We are all pretty impressive as a unit and its clear we push each other hard.

Thanks for taking us out Clown Car.


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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Props to Alf for posting, ah, Q’ing! I would not have taken on that task today. I have done several different kind mud runs and this one was harder in the overall strength department. Kudos to all the south and metro guys that attended this weekend Spartan event. Surprising RS, Alf and I finished with almost the same time. Pains me to say Ninja Turtle beat all of us by 3 minutes…Hate Hate!

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