Where’s Alf?

Where’s Alf?

At 05:16, no sign of our fartsacking Q, so we headed out on an improv Fast Twitch

The Thang:

Laps around lot for warm-up, brief COP in side lot with some IC, SSHs while the highjacking Q took a moment to invent something for the morning. 

Run out to Windbluff hill.   Hill sprint ladder to 7.  Burpees at top, squats at bottom.

Run to Arboretum back woods; plank o rama; 20 merkins IC.

Through woods into parking lot.  Gassers in front of Michaels, winner calls exercise at end of each; included burpees, merkins, LBCs, and others; 

Mosey to front of Arboretum, line up for indian run back to school.  Break out back at Strawberry, AYG back to the parking lot.


  • Alf Unfortunately our QIC was still a little too tired from the St.Patty’s #GRC, despite two others showing up bright and early; apparently it had something to do with an alarm clock malfunction
    • Throughout the rest of the week Alf has been talking about this new high-powered alarm clock he has now invested in, so keep him honest out there.
  • Apparently YHC is not so creative on an improv Q; after passing Rounding Run, I heard some mumblechatter about Windbluff… fairly predictable, I know;  it seemed like enough to keep everyone interested (and winded)
  • Nice pushing it out there gents.  Always a pleasure to lead Fast Twitch.

Total mileage: 4.7





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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

This is the first time I was looking over my shoulder and could not figure out why the guy behind me refused to sprint ahead…now I know, it was my turn. I guess with 5 guys and running fast, you get a lot of chances to sprint forward!

Late to Q, Late to backblast and you forgot me. 3 strikes for FT, but I will give you another chance tomorrow.

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