Rockin’ in at Kevlar

Rockin’ in at Kevlar

18 pax showed up for an eventful morning of rock work and running at Kevlar this morning.


10 burpees OYO
Mosey to creek and grab LARGE rock
SSH x 15
IW x 15
Stagger arm merkins x 10 right
Stagger arm merkins x 10 left
Good mornings x 10
Curls with rock x 10
Squats without rock x 15
Partner up and mosey to lowest lot with rocks.
Partner 1 sprints up first hill 10 diamond merkins/second hill 20 regular merkins/third hill 30 wide arms.
Partner 2 tea bag squats w partner at 1st hill, add curls for second hill, add press for third hill/tri extensions on way down.
Repeato x 4 with partner 1 doing different sets.
Rock Webb with 2 overhead rock presses for each merkin up to 10.
Dump rock.

A little confusion at the start of the morning as YHC announced that Salt Lick was Q’ing as the pax wondered who was in charge. He had prepared to Compass but not for Kevlar but even after the deer in headlights expression SL cried “follow me!” YHC pulled the reigns in and opted for 10 burpees OYO and off we mosied to the rock pile. LARGE rocks SPEARHEAD style was the instruction and most heeded the command but for 49er. Geraldo went big, Good Hands went bigger, but Brown was the one who extracted a rock that we could have spray painted outside the high school.
Lots of continuous movement today with the extended hill work with the partner on the rocks. The burpee segment was extremely brutal with the pax looking a little queasy after the 5,10, 15 combos. Susudio was bouncing back against his haters from Wednesday putting in a solid performance that made those 20 years or so younger feel like the fools! Taking a break between rounds saw some interesting plank work that was compared with the game Twister at one point. It was mentioned that the game Twister coupled with a tube of Johnsons baby oil makes for a great wedding gift and I’m sure our father of 10, Cottontail, can attest to that!
Rock Webb’s brought out the heckling as the fellas thought we were going up and then down the ladder. Shrapnel was flying from the large rocks hitting the pavement which could well have been merlot spilling of we had come back down. Instead we hit number 10 and were thankfully out of time.
Hats off to Chanel No. 5 for his second post at Covenant Day this week!

Horseheeead needs one more on his BRR team.
Saturday workouts as scheduled.

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10 years ago

Need to stand up for my Mudrun / BRR teammate: 49er. He left his rock on the ground during the partner exercises and opted to use mine. He softened it up a bit so I could smash it in half later during Rock Webb.

Merkin/Burpee ladder combo’s = unsavory

Hair Band
10 years ago

Solid Q this morning! Between the burpee segment and the rock webb there were some definite “Embrace the suck” moments.

Probably could consider the Twister/oil gift for an anniversary also… Or a slip & slide/oil bundle?

10 years ago

My rock weighed more than it looked…. just like me after 4 months of part time fartsacking! Brutal BD! Thanks for the clarification Alf… way to be there for your teammate!

10 years ago

That skiing must have really gotten to your legs BD. Sure hope they are back for RY next week.

10 years ago

Go heavy or go home! Plus I fartsacked pre KB and when you have an FNG in your car, better safe than sorry with the biggest rock! I hear that’s the only thing he wears to bed!! #chanelNo.5 #marilynmonroe

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