Lead Hecklers: Statler and Waldorf

Lead Hecklers: Statler and Waldorf

— Posted on behalf of Sussudio —

Sussudio stepped up for his first time Q on a soggy and chilly morning.  25 pax gathered to heckle, I mean support, him.

Distance ran 3.2miles,980 calories burned.

1 Lap of track

Circle up
In con cadence
25 side saddle hop
25 Merkins
25 Squats
On your own
25 lbc
Pair up same size, weight and speed.
Partner 1 leapfrog over Partner 2 then crawl under legs 10 Reps
1 then runs 40yards and back
2 does lbc until 1 comes back
Flap jack.
1)10, lbc  touching shoulders of 2 on way up, 2) kneels on 1 toes.
1 then runs 40yards and back 2 does hand release Merkins
Flap jack
1) carries 2 piggy back 40yards
2 carries 1 back
1) does wheelbarrow 2 holds go 40 flapjack
Repeat last two
Jog to halfway on track.
1 runs around track to half way on other side, 2 meets him there by slow jog across field.
flap jack
Repeat 3 times.
20 Merkins
10 knees to chest
Jog back to parking lot
20 Merkins
20 Dolly Parton/ the flutter combined.
5 different stretches


  • Sloppy conditions this morning, especially for all exercises done on the football (or futball) field.
  • Classic heckling dished out to Sussudio on his first Q.  It started with COP (what is con cadence anyway?).  The instructions and demonstrations really opened the door for some humor to crude to report here.   The circle for Mary and stretching is where it really got interesting this morning.  There were calls for more manly exercises, there were comparisons to 13 year old girls, and there was a near argument with the Q to call burpees (deck squats were called instead).
  •  To top it off this morning, after the workout Semi-Gloss discovered that his car battery was dead.  And it was really dead since Spackler’s jumper cables didn’t help at all.  AAA was called and came to the rescue.  The question is did AAA arrive before school started, or did Semi-Gloss have to face all the smart-arse middle schoolers getting off the bus as they arrive for school?  Hey creepy old guy, what are you doing here?  In all seriousness, glad to report SG was taken care of by AAA.


  • Still seeking a few more to sign up for the last BRR team.  See Baracus ti sign up.
  • Be sure to check weekly email and Area 51 twitter feeds regularly


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10 years ago

Semi Gloss, sorry bout yo ride, but thanks foe da tunes!

Spack, awesome roadside assistance!

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