The Hydra “Lucky” 13 Get Lucky

The Hydra “Lucky” 13 Get Lucky


13 fortunate PAX converged on the grounds of Olde Providence Elementary for a workout that went something like this:


1 Lap – 1/4 High Knees – Merkins x 20

1 Lap – 1/4 Butt kicks, 1/4 High Knees – Merkins x 20

Field for COP:

2 Minute Plank (Men’s Health requirement for long life expectancy)

SSH x 20

Negative Merkins x 10 (hold 3 count down, then up)

Standing Mountain Climbers (high knees) x 15

Merkins x 15

Squat Hops (forward hop, backward hop) x 15

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary (10L, 10C, 10R)

Run to Bus Parking Lot and find a line for 20 yard There and Backs:

Two-legged line hop There, Merkins x 20, Two-legged line hop Back

Jump Forwards There, Heels to Heaven x 20, Jump Forwards Back

One-Legged line hop There, Mason Twist x 20, One-legged hop Back

Indian Run to Harris Teeter (.65 miles)

Merkins x 50

Audible Merkins x 20 (guest Q Harris Teeter lady)

Indian Run back from Harris Teeter (.65 miles)

Return to Olde Providence Fields:

Partner Drag There and Back (70 yards) Flap Jack as needed

Mosey to Concessions for refreshments:

Dips x 30

Jump ups x 20

Burpees x 10

2 Rounds of this 30, 20, 10 (until time runs out)

Return to Parking Lot and Circle Up for Mary:

Dollies x 15

Count off to 13

Name-o-rama (2 FNG’s welcomed)

Announcement: Keep Posting Hydra, if interested in getting in Q rotation let YHC know. We are booked into June but can find a week for you, always like to see pax step up.

Moleskin: The cold temps offered up a reminder that we are not quite past mother winter yet. Close but not quite. After last week’s whistle treatment by 49er, some pax may have retreated to their whistle-free fartsacks for what offered to be a workout that delivered cardio, core, and bits of strength thrown in for good measure. We cleared over 2 miles of movement for the morning and got the heart rate up on some exercises during COP. The standing Mountain Climbers were crowd favorite and looked a bit like dancing dudes giggling like school girls. Well, it delivered cardio and the high knees proper form offered a great warm up for what was to come. Always good to see 74 year old major war daddy (recovering from broken hand – disclosure not an F3 injury) out there pushing it. YHC goal was to cover some ground, get some core worked out, and sprinkle in some upper body strength. I think we got that accomplished. Great work by pax. Good laughter and chatter out there and great work by group getting to and from Harris Teeter for our shopping trip. Loved the “do 20 more” from our impromptu guest Q Harris Teeter lady strolling into work. Seemed only natural that I instruct the pax to do 20 more merkins on top of the 50 we had just completed. My pleasure to lead this morning, thank you for the opportunity.

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10 years ago

Who’s this Bratwurst guy? I’ve got to meet him…

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