How can we do reps when we can’t breathe?

How can we do reps when we can’t breathe?

8 Iron Men, dedicated to moving cold metal around for an hour, attempted to complete Olympus’ First test of power, strength, endurance and yes…CARDIO.  It was our first addition of The Olympus Poster of Pain

The Thang:

The overall goal is to see how fast each of us can make it through the list of exercises below.  With a few modifications along the way (Thanks to our resident scientist/specialist) on proper form, all our guys were able to finish the list below in 60 minutes or less.

Olympus Poster of Pain

1. 40 Burpees

2. 50 Upright Rows

3. 75 Deep Kettle Bell Squats

4. 75 Selection Standard Merkins (STRICT FORM)

5. 100 Side Straddle Hops

6. 75 Two-Handed Kettle Bell Swings

7. 25 LBC, 25 Flutter, 25 Dolly, 25 LBC

8. 60 Single Arm Kettle Bell Press

9. (7) 100 Yard Sprints

10. 60 Kettle Bell Lunges

12. 120 Plank Position Limb Abduction

13. 100 Renegade Rows

14. 100 Mountain Climbers

15. 10 Turkish Get-Ups

16. 50 Bicep Curls

17. 50 Tricep Curls

18. (7) 100 Yard Sprints

Total Reps:1,055

Total SPRINT Distance: 1,400 yards or 3/4 of a Mile



Amazing work out there today.  At times it felt like we couldn’t breathe and lots of us were contemplating how to do the exercises when most had trouble breathing from all the O2 we were sucking down.  It sounded at times like we were in need of an apparatus to help us with getting the O2 into our lungs.  The fact that we were able to do so many reps in such a short period of time was….”Impressive, Most Impressive.” or ‘When I left you I was but a learner, now I am the master” – Vader

Not much mumble chatter being so O2 deprived so if anyone can remember some of the more entertaining moments of today please sound off below.

We’ve got a great core group of guys each week that are really making a difference ongoing at Olympus.  Thank you all for stepping up each week and continuing to push us to do more.  Without you, we’d have nothing.  Gullah and I greatly appreciate everyone who posts with us and our core group is starting to gel into a Team.



The Hoff and Gullah


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Big League Chew
10 years ago

As for #mumblechatter I remember you and Lab Rat arguing over the proper way to do limb abductions from the plank position. You didn’t inform the rest of the pax on your conclusion. Nevermind the rest of us just did what we thought was the easiest way to survive them. T-Claps to Spider for his 2nd post in a row. He wasn’t scared off the first time. T-Claps to Yankee for stepping up and Qing next week. Hate I’ll miss the madness as I’ll be wrestling a bear along with 50 other guys including Hoff. also T-Claps to Lab Rat with the new 35lb mansizekb. Also #shameonhoffandgullah! 40 bur pies is no way to start a beatdown but at least it ant a 100.

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