30 Men Welcomed a little warmer weather.

Mosey to the track

Butt-kickers, Knee Tucks, Karaoke Left and Right.

Circle up for COP:

  • 30 SSH – Cadence (maybe)
  • 26 Imperial Walkers – Cadence
  • 15 Merkins – On your own
  • 20 Mountain climbers – Cadence

Main Event:

Count off in fours

4 pain stations on the corners of football field

1st round:

  • 10 Merkins – Site one
  • 10 CDD – Site two
  • 10 LBC’s – Site three
  • 10 Flutters each leg – Site four
  • Run to the middle after completing yours 10 burpees run back to your site and the proceed to the next one.
  • Do this for 15 Minutes to see how far you can get

2nd Round – Increase:

  • 15 Merkins – Site 1
  • 20 CDD – Site 2
  • 40 LBC’s – Site 3
  • 40 Flutters each leg – Site 4
  • Run to the middle after completing each one 10 burpees again, run back to the previous spot and proceed to the next station.

Mosey around for a little clean up

Head to the parking lot for a little mary:  100 LBC’s on your own.


  • Spring is starting to come but these mornings are still a little cold.  I felt that the men needed a little running because the listening skills at the beginning weren’t there yet, Mumble Chatter was at a max level for sure.
  • On the mosey down Saltlick was talking about the Burpees and how he hated them, oh if he only knew.  The run was simple enough but the pax almost turned on me when the cadence was a little off.  I am sure there will be a cadence you tube video in my email at some point.  After the COP, the pax quickly shifted into work out mode.  Instructions were given and the pax picked up quickly which was good because YHC was a little O2 deprived.  First 15 minutes there was a little complaining and almost an audible called but we pushed through.
  • After the first round, I decided to increase the limits and there was mention by TR for 100 lbc’s.  The mutiny was about to commence when I lowered it a little.  The pax weren’t excited about the burpee situation for the middle but they kept it going thanks for the support!
  • There was way too much O2 deprivation to try and do some mary so the 100 LBC’s from before came back up.  I believe everyone made it through.


  • Centurion anniversary This Friday.  Runstopper promises a ton of FUN!

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10 years ago

The M decided to apply about 50 ft of packing tape to a box at 2am, which put me in the mind to fartsack this morning. I didn’t, but mailed it in on the pre-KB work. Thought 100 LBCs would be good cover for laying on the track waiting for the #sadclown jogger to kick me in the head. The 2nd F in Squad 1 in top form, though, and we even found time to create a couple of new variations of Dry Docks in Corner 2.

The M-Gloss good job on the Weinke.

10 years ago

Great job to the 9 pre kb’ers this morning. You know who are! It wasn’t easy…well, maybe for TR?! If your upset about missing out, come get all you want next Tuesday at SW!!

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