Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach


With the 37 degree temperature change in the past 24 hours, what a better way to celebrate then to head to Muscle Beach aka Fast Twitch for a morning complete with a full body workout.  YHC and Purple Haze decided to head out very, very early to scope out the scene and throw around some iron.  We acted as bait, and the chum we were leaving behind was irresistible to the giggly tomatoes arriving on the scene in masses like a school of fish.  We had them right where we wanted until all of a sudden, like a bunch of white tips, the 7 other pax arrive and drive the school back into the comfort of their little cove aka cabriolet.  With that, we shed our layers to show off our swole to the rest of Muscle Beach and headed towards A1A-51 to complete what was going to be an epic morning.

The Thang

Nice little jaunter down A1A-51 towards Calvary Cove with stops along the way for some Alabama Slamma #chestplosion.  Things were starting to get warm, sweat dripping, and the passerby’s showed their lustful gratitude with the beep of their horns.  Once we arrived at the beautiful Cove, we found a nice dune which would work perfect for a little burpee/CDD ladder x 7.  It was getting down right hot now.  Time for a little break with some plank, elbows and more chestplosion.  Next we meandered past the sand volleyball court which was like a scene out of Sideout, chicks everywhere.  We stumbled upon some benches and continued with the ladder approach for a little dip/decline merkin x 7.  Had to get them tri’s right and the shoulders and pecs were clearly burning by now as well.  A glance at the watch and YHC knew it was time to start making the way back to Muscle Beach.  We meandered back up A1A-51, completing more chestplosion when possible and finally arrived back on the scene, more trunk armed and barrel chested than ever.


Good amount of running but not too much.  Merkins helped combat the O2 deprivation….kinda.  YHC thought last night that there was a chance we could push for a 10K but then he realized that this would be pushing it with time, especially for his slow self.  Audible was called to hit Calvary Cove vs going all the way to McAlpine as hill work is essential, although it was short lived.  Not sure about you all but hill work never gets easier.  Mumble chatter was minimal up front where I tend to never be.  Be glad a few of the other pax weren’t leading or that run would have been at a much faster pace.  I won’t mention any names but Frasier and Turkey Leg you know who you are.  Chelms still wasn’t sure he wanted to be there about a half mile into the workout.  He pushed through as I knew he would.  Actually he got all Rocky during the last lap spint at the end.  Adrian!  Thanks to PH who stepped up to lead the pre-KB.  We got yuge.

As always, thankful to lead.  Boom.

To those keeping track:

Shade over 4 miles with hill work AND 238 merkins; 28 CDD’s; 28 burpees; 28 dips


Need 4-5 more people to fill the last BRR team. Get over the vaginosis and email Baracas.


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10 years ago

The “chum you were leaving behind” probably didn’t smell too good. And… was this workout shirtless – Arnold style – or not?

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Joker
10 years ago

If anyone goes shirtless at Fast Twitch, even when 90 degrees, I”m switching to Skunk Works no matter how bad it smells there (or how slow they run). I’ve seen Six Mike go topless for a workout and it ain’t pretty.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

I would have posted this comment earlier but I busted up my keyboard with some strong typing and had to wait on a heavy duty, reinforced one to replace it. I guess that’s what happens when you go big on the pre-KB work. The tomatoes were caught more than once gazing upon our awesomeness. But I digress…

Solid Q Spack. FastTwitch is the longest 45 minutes of every week for me…and this one seemed to go on forever…the sign of a good, hurtful beatdown. Thank goodness I had ditched my watch for fear of crushing it under the weight of my 70lb gorilla KB during one-arm presses or I’m sure the clock-watching would have started early and often.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

A few of you can use the KB pre-workout as an excuse but the rest of the PAX should be ashamed, ashamed I tell you, for letting the WD win the jail break at the end. I did use some old man wisdom to get a head start but still – come on. I think the KB crowd was still dreaming about the tomatoes and forgot we had to finish a work out.

Purple Haze
Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

There was extra brutality in our having to do laps around the parking lot…my mind and body had officially shut down the running once we arrived back at the school. And then, the first take on the COT only to have us run another lap…no sense in that kind of #headfake. Chelms, you did get the jump on that one.

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