Another year of immediate spectacular gains

Another year of immediate spectacular gains

17 pax post for a Beast of a workout today, and YHC was celebrating his 1 yr with F3.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

The Thang


(Passport substi-Q-tion)

  • SSH
  • Merkins

(the High Tide rolls in)

  • Low slow squats
  • IW

Mosey to Track:

  • Lap 1: 10 merkins at ends and sides of track (4 stations)
  • Plank-o-rama
  • Lap 2:  5 jumps squats at ends and sides
  • Mosey to endline of football field

The Beast:

Run from endline to endline line (120 yrds), stopping every 20 yrds (6 stations) for 6 reps of called exercise.  Recover at far end until next called exercise (6 total).

  1. Monkey humpers
  2. LBCs
  3. Merkins
  4. Flutter (each leg)
  5. CDDs
  6. Jumping lunges (total)

Mosey to baseball fields for Circuit:

  • 20 supine pullups
  • 20 step ups
  • 10 incline merkins
  • 10 toe touches
  • Rinse & repeato until time called (~7-8 min)

Mosey to outfield


  • 7 burpees OYO
  • Freddie Mercury – slow motion
  • Elbow plank – 45 sec
  • Dolly – slow motion

Climb the hill to the parking lot.  Resist the temptation to do 11’s on the hill.  Check.



After looking forward to his 1st F3 anniversary and Q’ing to celebrate it, little did YHC expect that he’d be LIFO to his own Q.  Thanks to the warmup by Passport and the japing (thanks for the vocab word, TR.  what is this week’s word?) support of the pax, the workout was saved.

YHC always forgets how time consuming the Beast can be.  Much was audibled and left on the Weinke undone.  Rest assured, it will be used at a future workout near you.

Missing pax – YHC’s recording cut off during our name-o-rama, so we’re missing 2 pax + FNG Peg’s civilian name.  Sound off and be counted in the comments.  Aye!

Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead.  It’s an honor.  And, thanks for celebrating a year of F3 with me.  I hope you are getting as much out of it as I am.  Aye!

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10 years ago

gotta be a KOTTERS for Baked Beans. welcome back.
LIFO Q? Weak sauce High Tide…late arriving and first to leave? Apparently your recording device was LIFO, too.

10 years ago

HT, congratulation on one year in F3. More so, thanks for your example and in particular your leadership at the Base Camp and Ascent sites. Looking forward to the seeing you run Thunder Road this year.

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