LIFO Competition

LIFO Competition

9 pax ignore the threat of precipitation, eager to see what Hopper has in store for his virgin Q, with a High Tide chaser.  Here’s how it played out:

The Thang:

Hopper on Q


  • 1 lap around the 1/8 mile track
  • 2nd lap around the track with high knees down the back-stretch and butt-kickers on the front stretch
  • Circle up
  • SSH
  • Arm Circles
  • IW
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter

Mosey to Baseball Field to “Run the Bases”:

  • Lunges to 1st base, then 10 burpees OYO
  • Crab walk to 2nd base, then 10 wide arm merkins OYO
  • Bear crawl to 3rd base, then 10 diamond merkins OYO
  • Broad jump home, then 10 merkins OYO

Mosey to Concession Stand for 7’s:

  • Dips & Decline Merkins
  • Step Ups & Incline Merkins

Mosey to Playground & partner up:

  • AMRAP pullups (or supine) + 2 partner assisted reps
  • 10 decline merkins on planking partner
  • 20 old-school situp with planking partner holding your feet
  • Flapjack
  • Rinse & Repeat

Handoff to High Tide

Mosey to the football field for The Beast:

  • Run 120 yards (end line to end line), stopping every 20 yards (6 stations) for 6 reps of called exercise
  1. Merkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Dolly
  4. Low, slow squats
  5. SSH
  6. LBCs

Mosey to the front field

  • Backpeddle down the field (about 60 yrds) and jog back (except The Mouth & Weeblo race back)
  • Karaoke down and back


  • Stop-motion Freddie Mercury
  • Protractor



Ascent has open Q’s the next 2 weeks, 3/8 & 3/15.  Passport is tentative on 3/8.  Let High Tide know if you’re interested.

High Tide has a USMC Mud Run spot that he needs to relinquish.  Let him know if you’re interested.


Great work by all the pax today, and a special shout out to Hopper, making his inaugural Q.  If you hadn’t known it was his first, you sure couldn’t tell it; he performed like a veteran.  Well done!  Looking forward to adding you to the Ascent rotation!

To start off the workout, we had some competition for the LIFO award.  Relo pulls in while we’re on our 2nd lap of the track.  Mumblechatter ensues about who might pull in later to take the LIFO award from him.  His successor arrives while we’re in the COP, FNG Haystack (see below).

FNG Haystack is the latest to join our merry band from the office of:  Strange Brew, Passport, Run Stopper, Weeblo, & IPA.  Haystack was telling us about himself, and nothing was really jumping out at us.  He was wearing a bright orange sweatshirt and shoes, so we settled on Citrus.  As we were departing, he realized he’d lost his keys, somewhere on the wide open fields of Olde Providence!  Playground?  Baseball field?  Football field?  Front field?  A search party ensued, and his keys were found on the football field.  As YHC was jogging home (yes, YHC ran into and from the workout today – first time ever) and was reflecting on the size of the AO and trying to find a small set of keys, it really seemed like a “needle in a haystack” moment.  So, YHC decided to exercise his Q-powers and rename Citrus as Haystack.  Like Tumbler, Stump Hugger, Premie, and many others, events of your first workout often provide the best naming material.

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10 years ago

Looks like a good one. I met Haystack formerly known as Citrus (for like 60 minutes) and he came in all the way from Lake Norman. I told him about NoCo. Reminds me of the disclaimer joker says we need to inform all FNGs as two weeks ago at Hydra at OP Elementary an FNG also lost his keys on those fields. His rename: locksmith

See you in the gloom.

Stump Hugger
10 years ago

That was a mighty fine VQ Hopper!! When I saw the group head back out to the fields I was thinking they were doing a rinse and repeat!! Great rename! Aye – What started out as a knee up resulted in a tree stump hug….

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