What – no snow?!?!?!

What – no snow?!?!?!

The Thang

Mosey to the front parking lot for COP


SSH x 30 / Rock Hooper x 25 / IW x 30 / Merkin x 20

Mosey to soccer field

Merkin x 15 / Plankwork / Merkin x10 / Plankwork – continuous set

3 groups established rotating from each end of the soccer fields as follows:

  • Group1–>                       –> Group 2      –> Group 3
  • Burpee                              Sprint               Squats
  • Russian Twists                  Sprint                Squats
  • LBC’s                                Sprint               Squats
  • Freddie Mercury               Sprint                Squats

Mosey to shelter

Peoples Chair / Jump-ups x 20 / Dips x 15 / Merkins x 10 à Wash, Rinse, Repeat x3

Mosey to entrance hill

Lunge walk Down / Bear Crawl up / Merkins x 5 / Plank X2

Mosey to start point

Low slow flutter x 20 / Dolly x 20 / Burpee x 10


The Gloom was positively enhanced with weather much better than forecast. 

Nice work Pax!!!  We worked every inch of the soccer field and Hacksaw was particularly appreciative.  Turkey Leg wanted to tear down the fence and extend the distance but we forgot the bolt cutters.

As mentioned in the open to this post, this Q was the recipient of an unwelcomed Android “feature upgrade” overnight.  My recording machine – aka “smartphone” to you progressive types – was therefore not fully functional.  As a result I did fail to properly record 4 members of the Pax.  For those I missed please post a reply and I’ll correct.

Great work by all 14 guys this morning!  Thanks for allowing me to lead.  I hope to get more creative as I acquire experience.

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10 years ago

sorry I missed Intel. Had planned to be there, but IT band injury at SIB Tuesday put me on IR for a spell. Hope to post tomorrow at Ascent and test the leg.

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