Seafood and Ancient Chinese Remedies

Seafood and Ancient Chinese Remedies

(Written by BTB for Liquor Cycle)

A new business idea was born at SPEARHEAD this morning, as seven future business owners and one LIFO rucked through the gloom.

0415 – Liquor Cycle and BTB arrive on site to scout out the path.  Path looks good!

0445 – Rucks up and launch!

The Thang

Thursdays at SPEARHEAD are generally a ruck, with or without coupons, on the streets of our AOR, but today was different.  Liquor Cycle never fails to excite, and our mission was to get OFF the streets.

Head out from Carmel, through the neighborhood, out on Sharon View.  Enter Old Providence Swim & Racquet Club (ignore the posted no trespassing signage as we pass).

Notice the glowing eyes in the woods that seemed to be staring at us and ready to pounce…. Continue on.

Enter the McAlpine Creek construction area behind the racquet club.

Notice an open mussel shell on a rock by the creek.  ** CLICK ** inside Liquor Cycle’s head – CHARLOTTE SEAFOOD COMPANY was born!  — Proceed to register web site and LLC from iPhone. — Keep rucking.

Follow the creek off-road in the construction site until we reach Colony Road and Morrowick.

Pass a pile of logs and stop for a moment to think of Hoff and his hurt knee.  Hoff had planned to post today, but decided NOT to because we told him there would be NO log.  He said that the ONLY remedy for his torn meniscus was to carry a log and a loaded ruck… We determined that this was an Ancient Chinese Remedy that the medical community had not yet adopted.  We decided to leave the logs alone in memory of Hoff.  We continued on.

Exit construction and follow Morrowick to Colony.

Colony to Carmel.

Carmel to Camilla.

Camilla to Thornbridge,

Thornbridge to Carmel.

Carmel to Camilla.

And back home to CMS!

5.1 Miles this morning at a great pace of 16:30/mi (average)



Great work today, guys.  2ndF is always great on Thursdays, and today did not disappoint.

Our pace was awesome!  When Liquor Cycle and I planned the route, we did not expect to get through the creek area that quickly.  Ultimately we added 1.5 miles to the original plan to fill time!

Charlotte Seafood Company should be up and running soon.  Liquor Cycle is the CEO.  I heard Clueless might be interested in employment with them as well..  Not sure.

It was good to have Dora out this morning, carrying nothing but a cup of coffee – coach’s orders.  It was good to get to talk to Dora one last time before he heads to Fort Bragg for the Heavy tomorrow.

Donkey Kong gets credit for posting this morning, but we didn’t see him until we got back for COT.  Apparently he forgot what time we started.  He rucked while we were gone, so it counts!

Good luck to Dora, Checkpoint, and Donkey Kong this weekend at Fort Bragg Heavy.

BTB and Gulfstream will be shadowing the Bragg Heavy, so watch @SPEARHEADf3 for updates and pictures.  We will post whenever possible.

Thanks again for posting, and always remember that carrying a log is THE BEST way to recover from injury!


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The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

Aye! Good luck to our SH brothers (DK, Dora and Checkpoint) as they are getting ready to test themselves in one of the toughest challenges of their lives. We will all be following you throughout thanks to BTB and Gulfstream’s shadow pics.
And yes, strangely enough, I walk with a limp everywhere, but when the Ruck is on and a Log is on the shoulder my body morphs into a rucking machine…the pain and limp subsides, but once the Ruck is off, Knee pays the toll for sure.

Great route LC and see you tomorrow for the PT beatdown!

10 years ago

Thursdays are always my favorite SPEARHEAD workout. The 2nd F just can’t be beat. Yeah, I told my Coach that I needed to be “with my boys” one last time before this Heavy. I wish more of you could come with me, DK, and CP. I’ve been training since the beginning of SPEARHEAD for this event, harder and longer than I’ve ever trained for anything in my life. I can’t wait to get that patch in my hand with DK and CP all of us representing the amazing community of SPEARHEAD within the amazing community of F3 that has lifted me and pushed me and carried me all this way.

This one’s for you, boys.

By The Standard,

10 years ago

Sorry to miss it. My last time on the route, Dora brought his big red coupon and we needed two men and a tractor to manage it. Glad you got through. My ribs are better for not posting today. See you Tuesday. Thoughts and prayers are with Dora, CP and DK. you will do great, men.

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