Campus Tour of OP

Campus Tour of OP

Two shovel flags were planted and 15 ready, willing and able-bodied men posted in the gloom to get after it.

The Thang:

Outfield (warmup)

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Toe touches x 20

Low Slow squat x 20

Arm circles x 10 (forward, reverse, up)

To the Track:

Partner up:  PT #1 run a lap; PT #2 do merkins til #1 returns; flap jack 3 rounds (wide, regular, diamond)

Lunge walk To the Playground:

Group 1:  Navy seal sit-ups AMRAP for 1 min; flapjack

Group 2:  AMRAP +2 pull ups with partner; flapjack

FlapJack groups

To the Benches:

30 sec each exercise x 2

Jump Up/Step Ups


Incline Merkins

In and outs

Through the woods, to the Neighborhood Hill:

Jump Squat x 10 at bottom; run up the hill, CDD x 10 at top; Repeat x 6

Back to Soccer(?) Field:

Found a soccer ball, kick it, sprint to ball, do exercise (rinse repeat):

Merkins x 10

Mountain climbers x 10

Russian Twist x 10

Peter Parker x 10

LBC x 25

Back to outfield for 40 yd Bear crawl home.



Why two Flags:  well, YHC brought one to use because YHC didn’t think Strange Brew would be there.  Then Brew pulls up and plants his.  Something about his race being cancelled due to a flooded trail.  Obviously not a F3 sponsored event.

Great effort by all today.  YHC was told that it was on the high end of moderate intensity.  Sorry about that if it was too much.  YHC did advise to modify, modify if needed.

T-claps to FNG (Ram) now known as IPA, who was EH’d by Strange Brew.  Way to hang in there.  We hope to keep seeing you out in the gloom.

This was YHC’s first post to Ascent but I have been to OP before at Hydra.  So, YHC thought we’d do a tour of the campus to see all that the site has to offer.  The neighborhood hill was a crowd pleaser for sure.  Perhaps 6x on the hill was a little aggressive.  Audible, except for Hopper and Slimfast, who did 7x, I think.  Strong!

Soccer ball provided a great little addition at the end since we had 10 mins left and the wienke was empty.  That field was sloppy, good stuff.

Thanks for allowing me to lead Ascent.  It was a true pleasure to serve you good men.


Needed- Q’s for Ascent and other moderate intensity workout.  Contact Brew or High Tide

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Stump Hugger
10 years ago

Tclaps to Stone Cold – Great Q!!

Strange Brew
10 years ago

IPA put in a great first effort today, great to see you out there, can’t wait to see you back. SC great lead, was lot’s of fun, good challenge and thanks for showing us the hill. It will be used again in future for certain.

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