yeah its late… So what?

yeah its late… So what?

8 Pax braved the slushy, raining mess that was this am gloom to post for a old man beat-down at The Rock – both QICs were WDs

 The Thang: Champagne on Q:

 Little baby jog down to lots close to 51

 10 burpees oyo

Wait for Mall Cop who was was late entry – think he still owes us 10 burpees

 Following all in cadence:

  • 25 – SSH
  • 20 – IW
  • 20 –Wide arm merkins
  • 20 – Slow Squats
  • 15 – Star Stretches
  • 20 – Reverse merkins*

(reverse merkin = hold in mission impossible plank for 3 count, up on 4th, then back down) – compliments of Zoolander of the Winston Salem Pax

 Chibata Time 

(for those that don’t know – Tabata is a workout that consist of 20 seconds of all out work, followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds per exercise)

 YHC thinks it went like this (O2 deprivation started early and didn’t stop) 

  • Round 1 – Squats (20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds hold in bottom position) – crowd pleaser
  • Round 2 – Mountain Climbers – another crowd pleaser
  • Round 3 – Jump Lunges
  • Round 4 – Mary (LBS, Flutters, Dollies, Heels to Heaven – with the 10 second rest held at 6”)

 YHC called an audible here, as there were also a round of tuck jumps planned, but YHC was afraid of smoking his own legs so much he wouldn’t be able to walk let alone sprint during Runstopper half of the Q

Runstopper on Q

 Mosey to next parking lot and pick up cones.

 Setup cones in a large rectangle and divided Pax into two groups, one group running clockwise the other counter clockwise. 

Sprint to first cone, side shuffle to next, sprint to the next, side shuffle to the next – around the cones until time called.

 Partner up –

Catch me if you can. 

Partner 1 – 10 merkins, Partner 2 – run around lower two parking lots.  When partner one catches partner 2, flap jack, until back to start

 Plankarama – left hand high, left leg high, regular, right hand high, right leg high, regular, recover

 Rinse and Repeat but with 5 burpees this time (Was originally 10, but Runstopper believes in democracy and changed based on a popular vote)

 4 Corners

Sprint to first corner – 25 LBCs, second corner – 25 wide arm merkins, third corner – 25 jump squats, fourth corner – 25 regular merkins

 Plankarama – Regular, mission impossible, left leg up, mission impossible, right leg up – recover

 Rinse Repeat, but only run to second corner – 25 merkins, then fourth corner – 25 LBCs

 Mosey over to building for some wall work:

Wall Walk 20 yards, bear crawl back

Rinse and Repeat – bear crawl back

 Peoples chair – regular, arms overhead, arms out straight, regular – not sure of the time, seems like a long time. 

Mosey back to cars


Naked Moleskin

 It’s an honor and privilege to lead this great group of guys, thanks for denying the fartsack and starting your Saturday off right.  We are better for it.

 Everyone was bringing it today – Ocho was out front as usual, but Lobster Roll was keeping him honest.  Joker, Runstopper and Mall Cop were pushing the pace as well.  Spandex and Blue Mold were leaving it all out on the “fields” at The Rock – great effort all around today.

 Tabata ain’t no joke – will have to bring that one back again. 

This is the first Q for YHC in about 6 months, so thanks men for dealing with some crickets as I get my cadence lungs back. 

Mall Cop – I think you still owe us 10 burpees oyo

And YHC thinks there were discussions about M Runstopper giving Runstopper grief for spending too much time building a snow woman this week.  (I missed most of it as I was too deep in my pain cave) – if you know more sound off in the comments.

 We need to remember to lift up Blue Mold’s Uncle in our prayers as he begins the long road of battling and coming back from cancer.

 Shout out to Cole (aka Ninja Turtle), Run Stopper’s 2.0  – had a great Wrestling season in 2014.  He wrestled in his final tournament this weekend, didnt place but all in all had an outstanding season! I’m proud of you son!!

 Announcements: F3 Foundation – Mentoring (for mentoring other men in F3 Nation), Check out the post on the site and sign up if your interested. If you have questions – shoot YHC an email – Champagne –

Tutoring – if you are interested or at least curious– email YHC for that as well – working to identify a core group of guys to start after school tutoring in Area 51.


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10 years ago

Look forward to returning to The Rock next week. Ninja Turtle is blessed with a great father. Sorry I missed Ocho Cinco and Joker who rarely stray from the greater Providence Plantation area.

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