DayZero – blood on the Q

DayZero – blood on the Q

PH gave YHC the privilege of planting the SF through the not-so-permafrost, and 9 sturdy souls made the questionable decision to follow Radar off campus.


Radar’s Q: (with apologies in advance for inaccuracy as I deleted his text of his regimen, and he’s a couple beers into a pub tour in NoDa as I type this, so I don’t dare interrupt him)

Run to retail center next door to McAlpine Elem….what’s the name of that spot?  Yellow Rose is clearly the anchor tenant…..if you ask Spackler and Radar.

1 minute to stretch as Radar exclaimed: “Do whatever you want for this minute – it’s your warmup”

Mosey to Radar’s 4WD chariot and grab a sandbag and partner up.

20 burpees OYO

“Catch me if you can”.  Partner 1 runs with sandbag while Partner 2 does 10 burpees and then catches up to partner 1 to take sandbag…and so on and so on.  Lap is 0.6 miles.

Burpees for those finishing first.

100 merkins combined for partners.

Repeat the Catch me if you can.  Partner 2 does 20 merkins, then catches up to partner 1…..and so on.

Burpees when we return.

100 merkins combined for partners.

3rd lap of Catch Me…..Partner 2 does 20 Ski Abs, then catches up.

Hops’ Q:

Bearcrawl up the hill out of the Yellow Rose Shangri La Center.

Jog to school entrance.

Lunge walk up the hill entrance.

People’s Chair –  3 or 4 minutes with overhead presses x 20

Mosey to hand rails

Suppine pull-ups x 13

Suppine pull-ups x 10 with underhand grip

Jog to the soccer fields and circle up

Modified SheHateMe:

10 minutes of: H-R Merkins x 10, Jump Squats w/ 90 degree pivot x 10, Flutters x 10 each leg; audibled to 15 of each exercise 1/2 way through

Jog back to school

BTW x 3

CDD x 10

Dolly x 13 at curb with legs below curb level

People’s Chair- 2-3 minutes: Right leg & Left leg off ground….not at same time; Overhead press x 10



Radar gave the pax random times by which all were supposed to finish the 0.6 mile loop – ranging from 5 minutes to 7 minutes.  Not sure any of us ever finished on time, but regardless we did burpees or something of the like as penalty.  Pretty sure Frasier & I finished on time once…but with no acknowledgement from aforementioned Q.  At coffeteria, Radar expressed surprise that the loop was 0.6 miles…hmmmm…

YHC, well-known merkin weakling, was thankful for the encouragement from his co-Q while struggling to finish the 50 merkins between laps….perhaps I need to incorporate some bad form on merkins so to keep up the pace.  Where’s Bananas when you need him?  ‘Tis why YHC never calls anything but H-R merkins.  #deathtoheadbobbers

When the pax got back to the school for People’s Chair, Mighty Mite realized he’d cut his hand on some glass during the bear crawls.  Always wear gloves gents!  Apparently one of Yellow Rose’s finest was doing some bottle-spiking last night.

Strangest comment of the morning, among many from YHC’s co-Q, went something like this after Mighty Mite realized his hand was bleeding –> “Why is your blood on the inside of my thigh?!!”  What in the world?  They were partners during Radar’s 1/2 of the workout….let’s not linger too long on wondering how that happened…..yikes.

During the SheHateMe session, Mighty Mite returned with his hand wrapped in a sweatshirt – Kudos to you brother for pushing onward….and that after he, PH and RT did a 4+ mile ruck session with 2 of RT’s co-workers.  Speaking of your co-workers RT: “Where was the EH from you?”  YHC asked if they were staying for the workout….and they looked as if they didn’t know there was a workout going on after the ruck session.

Splinter joined the pax after the 1st lap around the Yellow Rose Shangri La Center….not sure when Zoila joined in to wrest the LIFO title from Splinter’s cheerleading-gloved fingers.

Radar was in rarer than usual form with his encouragement.  Invite the pax the to chime in to add more flavor to the backblast.

Great to have Matlock out with us again.  Welcome back brother.  And welcome to Zoila, who was FNG to Day Zero; and more importantly – Praise God and congratulations to Zoila on the birth of his 3rd child!

It was fun fellas.  Thanks to Purple Haze for the invite to co-Q……I think.


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10 years ago

Those aren’t pillows.

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Thank for all the thoughts and kind words. Its been rough afternoon but I’m at the point where I can take the band-aid off. With any luck, I’m going to make a full recovery!

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

Tclaps to the co-Q’s — I must admit I was well smoked in spite of Hops’ fulfilling his pre-workout promise to make it up on the fly. #bansandbags. The late winter sunrise does have its risks – Obviously Mighty Mite and Radar need to line up at arms-length AND then a step for the Peoples Chair..

Purple Haze
10 years ago

This was a difficult workout in the true Day Zero fashion. Running with the bags is detestable and doing it with burpees, merkins and ski abs in a catch me if you can goes too far. Then the she hate me repetition brought failure and, on the frozen tundra, sucked every bit of warmth from my body.

It is true that Radar was on his game Saturday…probably in a good mood looking forward to his NoDa brew tour. No one was exempt from his barrage and, in the true F3 tradition, he put down everyone around him in order to elevate himself. Yes, as co-Site Q with him, I feel lucky to be spending the rest of my F3 existence with him.

In a 2 for 1 shot, he gave Hops a hard time for not being prepared to Q by not having a watch…and when Hops said he had borrowed my watch, Radar said “I thought it looked really small on you…like a kids watch” in his usual dig at my very real battle with being vertically challenged.

Additionally, kept saying he felt choreographed during the jump squats with 90 degree pivot, like he was in a boy band…even started singing some song from NKOTB (or was it N’Sync?), which we all know he has on his iPod. Probably try and blame that on the M.

It got worse at coffeeteria.

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