Frosty V-Day

Frosty V-Day

4 Brave pax fought their way out of the fart sack to post this morning.  YHC warmed up on his own by freeing a sad clown’s car from grips of the snow and ice.

The Thang:

Hops, PH, and YHC started the down painment in the main parking lot.
SSHs- 20
Imperial Walkers-25
Mighty Mite rolled in late taking a lap around the stadium before he found the pax
10 Burpees on your own

Mosey to the benches

Mosey to the front to find picnic table area a sheet of ice and chose to 10 Burpees on your own in the drive.

Mosey to back for some bear crawls and crab walks followed with a little plan-o-rama.

Mosey to the East parking lot
Flutters-20 Hold 6″ for Hops ten count
Rosalitas-25 Hold 6″ for Mighty Mite long ten count
Bicycle-20 recover
Bear craw from one light pole to the other
Crab walk back
10 Burpees on your own.  This is where YHC really started to fall behind and needed a ten count from PH.

Mosey to the lower field for 10 burpees on your own
Bear crawl up the hill and backwards bear crawl down ten Merkins at the bottom.
Rinse and repeat.
LBCs- 25
Bear crawl up the hill and backwards bear crawl down ten Merkins at the bottom.
Rinse and repeat.
Carolina Dry Docks-20

Mosey to the main parking lot
Bear crawl up hill crab walk down.
Rinse and repeat.
Heels to Heaven-15
Imperial Walkers-25
Hand release Merkins-15

YHC may have called it a few minutes early, but nobody complained.

Very short COT with one 4 pax.
Discussion began about where to get breakfast and 2F. Unfortunately Mighty Mite had to remind YHC to close with the ball of man.

The Q was obviously winging it this morning, not knowing what the conditions were going to allow. It was great to get out of the house and get some 1st and 2nd F. Very humbling for the Q to come in last for most exercises #onmywayback.


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10 years ago

Good stuff Escargot. Apparently you like bear crawls & crab walks….yikes.
Glad Mighty Mite finally found us after his warmup run around the football field.
Funniest moment: when PH pointed out how MM was sweating profusely. Apparently war daddies don’t work up a sweat?

10 years ago

Looks like that snowman could use some Skunk. #pencilarms

10 years ago

Escargot, great to see that you are back out there Brother!

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