Another Roundabout

Another Roundabout

8 pax got out and put in some mileage before “snowmageddon” comes back to Charlotte again, threatening to take away days from spring break (if your kids go to CMS).

The Thang:

Warm-up: SSHx20, IWx20, Squatx20

Run to Davie Park down near gates

Roundabout:  Partner 1 runs up hill and around lot to playground, 20x merkins, 20x dips, 20x jump-ups, runs back down to gate.  Partner 2 runs other direction, down and around back lot, then back up to gate.   First partner to arrive does squats till other arrives. Flapjack. 

Repeat roundabout 3x

10 jump squats, lunge walk to gate, run back start; protractor to finish off.

Total mileage: 4.3


  • Fraisier was out in front as usual – nice job… YHC didn’t even get a chance to do squats – everytime I got back to the start he where already there.  Not too surprising from a guy who came in 4th out of 16 in the Muthaship race on Monday (and said he didn’t even realize it was a race until the end, so he was running it casually)
  • Despite the strong pace set by Fraiser, everyone else seemed to stay close together and in the end there was only about a couple minute separation between the front and the back.  Nice pushing it!
  • It is an honor to lead Fast Twitch. Thanks for coming out.
  • Will be putting together the new schedule for Fast Twitch Q’s this week.  Please ping me if you’re interested. 


  • Blue Ridge Relay signups still open, but filling fast.  At least two teams are locked in from Area 51. Looking for 6-7 more pax to round out another 12 man team.   Contact Baracus if interested. 
  • Upcoming bike ride on a Saturday in March with AG Middle School students.  Planning to meet in the morning at Col Beatty Park for a bike ride, followed by lunch, finishing by 1pm.  Far Side is coordinating and will be sending out info soon.   This event is also open to 2.0s.



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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Good Q as usual TL! The roundabout is always a butt kicker, especially the run uphill from the back parking lot to the playground…always good right after that to do 20 jump ups on those high benches, especially high for a vertically challenged Pax like myself…but if I can jump up on those, I can probably dunk a basketball. The power of F3.

Thanks to Chelms and Swiss Miss for coming out today…kept me from being the FT WD. Swiss Miss…nice running out there this AM…never let me do any squats to catch my breath.

10 years ago

Two Fast Twitch posts in a row for me. I thought this week couldn’t be as bad as Fletch’s laps last week. It just sucked in a different way. Thanks to PH for pulling me through the loops during the roundabouts. Chelms was fast this week – always standing there casually waiting for me to drag myself up the hill. Swiss Miss ruined my plans for an easy jog back to the school. He might not have known it was a race, but it was in my mind.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Gummy
10 years ago

I may have been waiting on during the roundabout runs but was dead last (or tied for deadlast with PH) on the run home. I changed into easy like Sunday morning mode on the run back.

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