The Birthday Twins Torch The Pax

The Birthday Twins Torch The Pax

Posted by Mall Cop on behalf or Iron Horse & Tadpole.

17 jubilant party go’ers formed the PAX to celebrate the birthdays of Iron Horse (53, “I’m not dead yet!”) and Tadpole (17, passionate HATE).
Iron Horse begins on Q:
COP Warmup:
SSH x 15
Mountain Climber x 15
IW x 15
Bored with that – mosey to the soccer hill for a more proper warm-up.
Partner up.
P1:  Run up hill, 10 derkins, Run down hill, 10 irkin (incline merkins).  Repeato until P2 returns.
P2:  Run the full field, stopping for 5 burpees in the middle.  At the fence, 10 x groiner, 10 by fence pushups (?).  Run back, stopping for another 5 burpees in the middle.
Rinse and Repeat.
Mosey to pavilion for Active Rest.
3 rounds of 8 exercises, 30 sec on, 15 sec off:
–      Man-makers
–      Bench Jump
–      Decline Merkin
–      People’s Chair
–      Irkin
–      LBC
–      Dips
–      Squat to Bench
Hand-off to Tadpole( Six minutes late)
Mosey onto field:
 -10 inverted merkins while partner held feet
 -10 Partner Squats
 -10 Partner Merkins
 -Attempted caterpillar merkin
Line up in center of field for partner runs
 -Partner 1 wide merkins while partner 2 bear crawled down and sprinted back; flapjack
 -Partner 1 flutter while partner 2 lunge walked down and sprinted back; flapjack
 -Partner 1 mission impossible while partner 2 dragon crawled down sprinted back; flapjack
 -Wheelbarrow down and back; flapjack
Finish with a sprint back to the cars and  a happy birthday 53 burpees in honor of Iron Horse(unanimous audible)


Great work by all the pax today with this smoker!  Most the pax thought Iron Horse had officially gone senile in his elder age with his 3rd round of Tabata exercises as he was going 6 mins over his time limit.  Very creative work by he and Tadpole although some of Tadpole’s called partner exercises were a bit ambitious!  Happy Birthday to the old man (respect) and the hate/hate/hate!

The Qs were like twins out there today, the only question is who was Danny DeVitto & who was Arnold?

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10 years ago

Looks like a good one. i did the stonehenge due to early soccer game in gastonia but wanted to wish some happy bdays to tadpole and iron horse!!! 53 burpees to celebrate, nice.

Iron Horse
10 years ago

T-claps to Tadpole for breaking out of the norm with his “ambitious” exercises. The buddy merkins were particularly stunning. Glad you can take us out of our routine.

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